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Honda CD250 cafe racer and classic

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  • Honda CD250 cafe racer and classic

    Hey All..

    I have just joined here and thought I would share the rebuilding of 2 bikes.

    I have been riding for a while and have a cbr600r currently and its a great bike, just lacks a bit of charicter. Recently my wife saw a cafe racer on the road build from a vintage honda and instantly decided she also wanted a bike.

    After a week of searching I had decided on a CD250U as they have fantastic lines. honda ease of riding and spare parts. I then piked one up for $1000 in rough condition but with a great little engine. nedless to say as soon as i had put a depisit on it i found another in better nick for cheaper, but it needs the timing chain, tensioner and valve clearances done so what else could I do? I snapped it up aswell I rode picked one up from the city today and was giggling like a schoolgirl while bouncing merrily all the way home. these things really are a LOT of fun to ride. 1sixth the power of the CBR but just as fun!

    here they are both in the driveway, please excuse the god awful helmet box

    The garage now has 2 skylines, CBR600R, 2 CD250U's and a few vintage racers!! good thing i bought a house with a big garage.

    One will be rebuilt for the wife and will be in a classic theme for the wife and will be inspired by this bike with the same color scheme.

    The other I will build as a cafe racer and may keep it for a while or sell it. I am thinking of blood orange tank and guards, black frame wrapped pipes and ducktail seat. something like this:

    It's not going to be a 5 min project but will do my best to keep this updated.

    Thanks for having such a great forum!

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    subscribed! coupla good projects there.

    Straightline2ten your motorcycle and motor car repairer for smash repairs

    insurance or private work, plastic welding,resprays, restoration and classics

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      good stuff :-)


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        welcome dude.....good stuff...ive got one exactly the same color.....

        i ditched the twin shocks and engineered a monoshock setup from a zzr250
        also got a set of clipons for those skinny forks...
        now it sits in corner of the shed waiting for inspiration to return...

        keep up the posts


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          I like your plans in boths cases


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            Interesting plans for both 2 H Ninja. I will be watching this space. Good luck.


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              Thanks all!

              Had a bit of a tinker and removed the bars, leavers and so on. Flipped the bars over and upside down and they look great! perfect riding position so that's 1 more expensive thing I don't have to buy.

              I have decided on bullet indicators, bar end mirrors, woven exhaust wrap and chopped guards.

              I will be making a custom dash to house the speedo and indicator led's.

              wheels will be powdercoated black, as will the frames.

              I still have not worked out what I am going to do with the batteries. I think I will have to get seal units so i can mount them flat. on the cafe racer it will go in the tail with all the electrics if it will fit, and on the classic in a little box under the seat just behind the tank.

              the air filters for the carbs id also going to be a bit of a challenge as there is bugger all room between the frame and the carbs. I was hoping to use 2 mini pods but will have to measure exactly how much room there is. also going to remove the baffling in the standard pea shooters so the carbs will have to be rejetted.

              pics of all the parts I have ordered will be up soon.



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                Originally posted by Roady View Post
                welcome dude.....good stuff...ive got one exactly the same color.....

                i ditched the twin shocks and engineered a monoshock setup from a zzr250
                also got a set of clipons for those skinny forks...
                now it sits in corner of the shed waiting for inspiration to return...

                keep up the posts
                hey Roady, that sounds good!

                I looked at clipons but the headlight bracket looks like it is in the way, did you leave the bracket there and what sort of clipons did you use?

                also the rear shock sounds good could you take a pic and post it up?



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                  Hey there, cool bikes you picked up....will make for some nice projects..


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                    Here are some of the parts I have ordered so far.

                    mostly off fleabay.

                    also looking at getting some braided hoses and a smaller headlight.

                    The ceramic wrap will bo going over the headders all the way to the mufflers.

                    I have chosen color schemes.

                    the classic will be the same color as the photos above. (olde brown)
                    the racer will be black and ford blood orange

                    crap photo but it shows how vibrant the color is. my 600R is the same color and it looks fantastic on a bike with black.

                    the wheels are a bit of a thing, I want to powdercoat them but am not sure if the spokes will coat properly and if they will need tightening afterwards due to the heat. I might end up just painting them with 2 pack.


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                      nice work mate, and if i can help PM me. Ya inspiration bikes are awesome, but i could be biased cos thats my bike that honda cb550. LOL
                      Shame ya bought ya air filters, ive got some s/s ones that i dont need anymore, seeing that i bought some K&N's in the end. 33mm if i recall.
                      never play leapfrog with a unicorn


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                        haha awsome!!

                        yep that cb550 is a nice looking bike! did you rebuild it? the ducktail land the bars really make it look good. plus the classic silver paint and honda wings decal!


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                          yeah, and thats my mum sitting on the bike LOL.. Nah, i meant i have a 550 with that that tank/seat combo from BCR in the states.
                          never play leapfrog with a unicorn


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                            my garage now looks like this...

                            and my CBR started shitting itself I promised not to pull it apart as i have just finished putting it back together with new paint, tyres, engine freshen up and sime trick new parts. here is a pic of the ALMOST finished 600R, jsut missing rear fairings.

                            the frame is now sitting on the floor and looks like this...

                            I now have the joy of cleaning every part before it goes back together. the engine as you can see in the previous photo is apart and will be treated to a rebuild and the ports will be cleaned up, new rings, chain, tensioner, valves redone and the carbs rejetted to suit the exhaust and filter mods.

                            the bolts will be all ultrasonically cleaned and possibly rechromed.
                            everything repainted and the collection of new bits go on. plus new seat some tyres guards chopped, new wiring harness blah blah....

                            more updates as they come!
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                              My head hurts...those are some big photos......resize?