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2001 Yamaha SR250 - Deus Inspired Cafe Racer (Sydney)

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  • 2001 Yamaha SR250 - Deus Inspired Cafe Racer (Sydney)

    Hi Guys,

    I'm from Sydney, Australia.

    This is my bike - 2001 Yamaha SR250 Blue/Silver

    After paint stripping tank + Some polishing + Inverted handles

    This is my first bike. I did my Pre-Learner Rider course 3 months ago. Although I was only riding a Honda CB250 but I was addicted. Riding is just liberating!

    One day I popped into DEUS EX MACHINA, and got blown away by their bikes. Now I'm inspired to replicate their designs on my bike.

    I chose the SR250 because it is small and nimble enough to manage through traffic. It's half the price of an SR400/500. The seat height difference is only a few centimeters. It hits about 120-140 km/hr, which is enough for me. It has spoked wheels (19 front, 17 rear), and a clean tank. The engine is relatively new and starting is a breeze. The down side to me is the measly 20hp and the bike overall looks a bit daggy.

    I plan turn this ride into a cafe racer over the next 12 months. Just really simple stuff that I can manage.

    1. Clean bike
    2. Paint strip tank, polish and buff
    3. Paint engine
    4. Angle grind off pillion pegs
    5. Paint Wheels and fit Firestone tyres
    6. Paint frame
    7. Buy a small headlight - 4"-5.5"
    8. Buy mini gauges. Hopefully mount them on frame, below the controls.
    9. Buy new pegs (or perhaps 'rear sets' if I can get welding done)
    10. Fabricate a fibreglass seat and upholster it with leather (or buy a seat, depending which is more cost efficient)
    11. Mount indicators below exhaust pipe
    12. Buy alloy rear fender
    13. Buy a new tail light for rear fender
    14. Buy a straight through exhaust - Deep sound VS torque? Hmm...
    15. Buy mini switches for controls
    16. Re-wire the entire bike - Tuck and hide
    17. Shorten Front Forks
    18. Buy mini rectangle mirrors VS round ones
    19. Paint Tank - Reveal parts of the polished steel

    This is my first bike, so I have no idea how a bike works. This is all EXPERIMENTAL!

    I would really appreciate any advice regarding any issue. Enjoy reading about my build!

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    Sweet man. Maybe an idea would be to do a whole new skinnier tail section and a skinnier but taller sort of tank, cafe racer spec.

    Good luck, ill keep checking up!

    And welcome to PSB!


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      Nothing better to learn than jumping straight into it, you have some balls .


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        Nice looking bike to start with, only needs minimal real effort to make it a nice cafe racer...
        I reckon you should look into a different tank, something a bit taller and longer, and then fit a really small seat, with a small duck tail to make it look mean ala

        Welcome to PSB too, looking forward to tracking the progress...


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          nice one! what sort of look are you going for mate? traditional cafe, bobbed, japstyle/bratstyle? the sky's the limit with SRs!

          you're gonna paint those fresh looking chromed wheels??

          DEUS is a weekly outing for me. the missus is over it but i'm still inspired! be sure to make the bike your own though. you don't want a DEUS clone, you're building it so do it with your own style!


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            Good on ya! Start small and before you know it the bug will get hold of you and the sky's the limit.


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              Thanks for all the encouragement! I have done a bit more here and there to the bike and will post pictures soon.

              Some things done:

              - Stipped, primed, painted - Swing arm, drum brake.
              - Polished tank - Looks like a mirror on some parts but still has a few scratch marks from the wire wheel...
              - Buying new tyres - Firestones and Avon Speedmasters

              Does anyone know what is the largest rear tyre that will fit on the SR250?

              These are the tyres in consideration:


              300-19 (W3.1, D25.2)
              325-19 (W3.4, D 25.9)

              350-18 (W4.05, D26.44)
              400-18 (W4.25, 26.57)

              Here are some Measurements I did

              Front Wheel
              Wheel Width (Ouside rim): 600
              Wheel Width (Inside rim): 450
              Current Tyre Width: 900
              Current Tyre Diameter: 26"

              Rear Wheel
              Wheel Width (Ouside rim): 700
              Wheel Width (Inside rim): (Not sure, because the tyre is still on)
              Current Tyre Width: 1000
              Current Tyre Diameter: 25"

              Swing Arm
              Max Width (at the centre of the wheel): 2500
              Min Width (at the circumference of the current tyre): 1500
              Length: There is room for another 500 after the curcumference of the tyre before it touches the swing arm.

              Here's my opinion, correct me if I'm mistaken.
              I think the rear (350-18) should fit fine. I like the look of the larger rear tyres. Do you know if I could perhaps fit a larger rear tyre, such as a 400-18?

              Another issue: Does anybody know how to take spokes off wheels?

              I am trying to de-spoke my wheels because the rear wheel's chrome is rusty. I have tried to wire wheel it and sand it smooth, but it just looks tacky. After taking the tyre off (by hand, 2 screw drivers... massive PITA), you can see screws underneath the wheel's plastic like seal. I used a drill to unscrew them. Some came off easily, but others resisted alot coz they jar with the inside wheel. How do I do it?

              Thanks guys,
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                nice work mate, welcome to PSB



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                  Should be hot!

                  I love people who mod thier bikes, I love cafe racers. Just because you're on a 250 doesn't mean you have to ride boring shit.
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                    i'm not too sure about your rim measurements but given that SR400s and 500s run up to 450 rear tyres i don't think you'll have any dramas with a 400. it'll look the goods too!


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                      Looking good mate, I'd love an SR but I'm stuck with the crappy old parallel twin version ^_^ If you want better engine performance, consider getting new carbs and air filters, stock 250 carbs are usually fuckin shitehouse, look at Mikuni VM's or something.


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                        Gordon: I like your idea! I am pretty keen on a flat seat, so I can strap on stuff (like my girlfriend). I am thinking about welding pipes on to the frame after angle grinding off the rear part, which is kinked up wards. I have no idea about structural engineering. What do you think? Will it be strong? Will stick welding work?

                        Xuaxace: Thanks mate. Apparently its the easiest way to just take the whole thing apart and re-wire it asap.

                        Lorenz: I really like the seat you have on your DR. Is that fibreglass? What's the material you have on the tail? I am looking for leather to hand upholster to make my seat. Where did you get your padding and leather from?

                        brethren22: Haha I might bump into you one Sunday! Yeah, I don't plan to clone Deus, but just take parts that I really like and copy them, and think of ways to make mine it's own distinct character. Then again, I havent seen many modded 250 bikes besides TW200... Inspiration wise, Bratstyle's 'Godspeed', Heiwa's CD250, some of gravel crew's SR400's. I love old fashioned things, like WW2 bikes like from the movie 'The Great Escape'. I suppose I am aiming to build something vintage with a modern twist. I'll post links/pictures if you're keen for a look.

                        450-18? Really! What's the absolute largest that they fit before the tyre starts to balloon and rub against the swing arm? Although mine is the 250, I really am trying to beef it up like the 400s as long as it isn't cosmetically compromising.

                        Sumatie: Already got the bug! Can't wait to buy another bike after my Learner licence.

                        HotelBushranger: Cool, whats the 'old parallel twin version' - Sorry, I'm quite new to bikes.


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                          Originally posted by hummingbird View Post
                          Gordon: I like your idea! I am pretty keen on a flat seat, so I can strap on stuff (like my girlfriend). I am thinking about welding pipes on to the frame after angle grinding off the rear part, which is kinked up wards. I have no idea about structural engineering. What do you think? Will it be strong? Will stick welding work?
                          I have never modified a bikes frame before so i cant comment too much on that, maybe Rastas is a better person to ask as he makes his own frames - pm him. If it were me, I would probably look into just making/buying a rear fibreglass tail and just mounting it on a straight angle, so you cant see the kink in the frame anymore, but maybe modifying the frame would be a better option in the end.


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                            Sorry hummin, I'm restoring an XS250, the 2 cylinder brother of the one cylinder SR250 ^_^ forgive me as I'm massively plastered at the moment but look at my restore thread for any ideas, I'll be stripping and repainting the frame/swingarm/fenders/tank this weekend


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                              Yeah mate - is a fibreglass unit I bought from a guy from NSW - I think he has a few on eBay...if I could have my time again I would make my own tail section though....

                              I am a bit of a way off from trimming the seat, just gonna go to Clarke Rubber and get some neoprene (waterproof, very comfy) and layer it. Then I will shape it and cover it with a nice material, not sure exactly what at this stage...

                              Keep up the good work though and take heaps of piccies - always good to see what you are talking about..