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Project Stealth Fighter. CBX1000 6cyl.

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  • Project Stealth Fighter. CBX1000 6cyl.

    At long last I can post it. I have always loved CBX1000's and thought they would make an insane streetfighter, but they rarely come up so I dismissed it as a pipe dream.

    Then, one random day on PSB, an off topic post alerted me to a project CBX just waiting to happen. I could not afford it at the time, and my wife (Shuboop) refused to let me have a project bike until she had a new engine in her bike. Something I also could not afford.

    Something had to go, but what? My landCruiser. But it was quite broken. I advertised it as cheap as I could as is and began to fix it up in the mean time.

    Would the CBX be snapped up before I could get my grubby mitts on it? I contacted this PSB member with my concerns and a gentlemans deal was made pending the sale of the Landcruiser, which seemed to be pending me getting it fixed, which seemed to be pending on money which I did not have. On top of that, the whole deal was resting on me sourcing a new motor for my wifes GPX. Then I crashed my R1. Damn.

    One of the first people to contact me as I lay in hospital was the owner of the CBX. He told me not to worry, the bike was not going anywhere and to just concentrate on healing. He was also one of the first to visit me in hospital. Thankyou so much Jamanthi. You are a Gentleman among Gentlemen.

    I got out of hospital, the Landcruiser sold, a new engine was sourced and fitted, and a date was set to pick the big girl up.

    I have HUGE plans...

    Count em. Thats right. 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
    It has a dual purpose. ~ Tom Smitheringale

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    Always loved those, can't wait to see the build
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      stealth fighter?

      What are you doing to it?


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        The Supersport edition, which this is, is the right one to modd.
        The twin shock edition from 1978 is getting to rare and should be kept as came from Honda.
        It was after all the road going replica of the Mike Hailwood championship winners design.
        I will follow this build with great interest and think that the end result will be outstanding!


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          how much power are those inline 6s good for???
          Have you won the game recently?? Post here


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            Awesome stuff mate!
            Looking forward to it.
            So, Spondon?


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              Maxo, those Spondon frames are pretty sexy, huh?

              Mine is a long term build but the plan is to replace the front end with a modern USD fork setup with high end brake rotors, calipers and wheels.

              I am not going the Spondon route, but chopping the frame under the seat, losing the stock subframe, refab something minimalist and reinforce. Single seat with a hump that pays a bit of homeage to cafe racers.

              Modern sportsbike swingarm with high end suspension and, as with the front, bling rotors, calipers and wheels.

              Fat renthal bars with trick switchgear, levers and speedo/tacho.
              It has a dual purpose. ~ Tom Smitheringale


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                Originally posted by Bunyack View Post
                how much power are those inline 6s good for???
                100 hp @ 9000rpm in stock form....

                It has a dual purpose. ~ Tom Smitheringale


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                  Brilliant idea mate, cracking motor! The first big bike I rode was a CBX6, I was 17 and about 45kg wringing wet, I was too scared to tun it around and my mates brother (the owner) had to come and get it! What a beast.


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                    nice man, i have a soft spot for these CBX's too,
                    look forward to seeing this build
                    -never play hopscotch with a unicorn-


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                      Sweet, your bike but I think mod it without the vfr swing arm - may look nicely balanced


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                        looks awesome shortfuse.i knew you were stoked when i saw the grin on your face today...have a ball ...morry


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                          Going to be a great project to follow. I saw one racing at PI last year...awesome sounding machine


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                            I'm guessing Jamanthi has another of these? He had one on a ride I was on and the sound it made had my face hurting from grinning so much.... Awesome project!


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                              id be happy just to hear the exhaust note with a pipe. im thinking the drone of a skyline but with a few more revs. porn
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