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  • Yamaha DT-80 Resto

    Hey all,

    After reading thru some of the Resto Threads, ive finally decided to get off my ass, and strip and rebuild my lil old school bike in my garage. She is a 1974 Yahama DT-80, Still kickovers, and hustles along nicely.

    When i first got her.

    As she currently sits after 30 mins

    If anyone wants to come round, sink piss, and help out,(or tell me what im doing wrong), feel free to drop a line.



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    Would live to give yo a hand and have a beer if time allows. They had gp 80's I will google some pics to enspire


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      Your frame would easily be adapted to this shape easy.
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        lol awesome, i didnt even know they did them, cause i was thinking cafe racer originally, as the bike was originally road registered.


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          The first one I posted is real close to yours, rear sets etc would be easy. Yould be a cool cheap project.

          The frame is spot on the wheels look spot on you just need a tank and bum and fairing.

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          This stuff is not cheap but a good example of what you would need.


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            everything but a tank on this site. cheaper too.


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              These guys are local and have lots of stuff


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                Make something like this


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                  All i'll say to that last one, is...WTF? and who let the owner near a bike. Debaser, where abouts you live anywayz?


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                    Nah that last one would be a fuckin blast to ride
                    Originally posted by Amac
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                      i dont deny it looks fun, but it also wins the plain ugly award. Looking at the pedal arrangment, they look like the line up with the rear pillion pegs, for the rear brake would be an easy mod, but wonder how the set it up for the gearbox?
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                        Bassendean. Got most tools if you get stuck hobby welder etc


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                          That is one very cool little bike! Keep it original
                          Knee down on a giant lobster..


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                            Fun looking project - just out of curiosity, how much power does that thing put down?
                            I reckon you could do something really cool with, be it some kind of racer or whatever.

                            Looking forward to seeing what direction you take this.


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                              Funnily enough, my neighbour just got given one of these! His seems almost identical, bar it says KD on the side, which would lead me to believe it's a KD80?

                              I was looking to buy it from him to do exactly this! looking forward to seeing updates