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  • XS250 Cafe-commuter

    So today I picked up an old Yamaha XS250 from robwas...
    ....Looking at turning it into a cafe-racer-style commuter (as cheaply as possible)

    here it is:

    a dent in the tank: I probably won't use this tank anyway, looking for something slightly longer and more square...

    needs as much clutter removed as possible...

    so the plan from here (if anyone has any of this stuff, let me know!)
    -Get a longer, blockier/squarish secondhand tank..
    -Get rid of the seat, get a new tail off the net
    -Get clubman bars (or preferably clip-ons, but I'll have to get a new headlight bracker)
    -Relocate battery to tail, remove air-box and replace with filters on carbs
    -Remove pillion footrests
    -Get new mufflers, maybe some short ones finishing just behind the footpegs... or some longer ones pointed upwards a bit...
    -get smaller indicators, remove those side reflectors
    -get a new 'short' front mudguard off the net
    -remove chain guard
    -new chain and sprockets
    -paint tank, tail and front mudguard...
    -get rims painted/powdercoated black.
    -Polish engine covers, paint fins black

    I'm sure there is a whole lot more, but those are my plans for now... I'm sure things will change

    here is some of my inspiration for the time being:

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    That's a pretty sweet looking bike the way it is, good score!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing just how well you can Cafe the little 250.


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      They are a really nice bike and look great with the cafe treatment. I love that green one :fap:
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        I'm looking forward to this, hit us up with any troubles you have and I have a set of clubmans for sale if you're interested


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          I think you should race HotelBushRanger.
          It'd be a kick in the balls to have someone start 6 months later, and still finish their project before you


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            That's what I'm afraid of But to be fair, he's only doing cosmetic stuff I'm interested in your front fender if you end up getting rid of it.


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              I'll get the cosmetics out of the way, then maybe get a start on the engine
              Might just be easier to squeeze something bigger in there though...

              From a couple of rides today, seems like the fuel tap is blocked and dirty - I'm guessing the valve/petcock thingo is not working too well - the bike dies on 'run' but runs perfectly fine on 'prime'.

              I'll take care of that when I get a new tank... anyone want to sell me a nice old-school tank? aha


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                How is the bike? How good is it to ride etc, I never got a chance to start mine up before the strip down.


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                  It is actually suprisingly fun, much better than expected...

                  Needs a few new bearings and some TLC here and there, but it is still fairly lively through corners for its age - much better than I was expecting... sounds quite nice too (LOUD!)

                  It is quite stable through corners and tips in quite easily for its apparent weight, not enough power to get yourself in trouble either!

                  A little bit sluggish at higher speeds, although I would say that mine needs a good clean, balance and tune though... brakes are far from awe-inspiring as well...

                  overall, not a bad little package - but really lacking the top-end for high-speed cruising...


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                    Yeah those carbs are pretty good to work with and tune, may just need a good clean, and your vac line to the fuel tap might be blocked thats why it gets no fuel in the ON/run position.

                    Just go to 2wheelwreckers or somewhere similar and find an oldschool tank!!!

                    I've got a fibreglass cafe style tail/seat base I dont need anymore that I'll sell if you're interested, can get a photo later.


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                      If you can get some pics of the tail, that would be great....

                      Bike is currently parked up - electrical problems, doesn't seem to be charging.
                      I'm just going to work on the cosmetic side of things for now... well, after payday anyway.... 2 weeks. sigh.


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                        I'll grab second dibs on that cafe' seat mate. And I feel your pain, probably won't be able to work on the bike for a week or two


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                          electrical problems are always fun
                          Motorbikes run on fire and air. Its elemental -Matt Kelly


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                            Good taste Stevo , hope you achieve those results.
                            Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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                              Give me a yell if you need a hand testing the charging system