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    So was going to wait but could help it...
    I know its very old and not something everybody
    would be into but means a fair bit to me.
    this build is going to take awhile so have to apologize
    now if it drags on for some time, ill be moving house
    couple times over the year, funds are a little low and
    some parts are going to be a bitch to find.

    The bike is a 1938 Royal Enfield 350

    Quick run down on the bike, it use to belong to my
    dad when he was in his early 20's and was ridden
    on local roads and paddocks for fun, although
    signs up for the army and has to move so gives the
    bike to my uncle to look after and has had it ever since
    ive only just required it off him and plan to restore it.

    basic plans to start with are to source most parts needed
    to rebuild close to factory specs, think the front end is
    not original which is ok because i want to put a girder/
    springer front end on. motor runs and luckily have another
    basket motor just in case, it does have rear fender with tool
    boxes (will put more photo's up shortly)
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      Cheers m8, having hard time deciding to go original
      or retro...


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        original or retro!!!
        Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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          Nice man, looks like you have most of it there. Enjoy what ever you decide to do with it.


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            now thats a worthwhile project , awesome!!


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              full attention and subscibed so to speak.
              IOMTT replica?


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                Cool. I love a good hoby project. will be watching this.
                REPENT MOTHER FUCKER
                (anarchy in english )


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                  Classic piece of machinery....enjoy the build.

                  Subscribed so I can enjoy it too


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                    I restored a couple of heads for a '39 model just recently........ sounds like a good one to take on.


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                      Good luck with it. Projects like these can be a lot of pain but the pleasure that goes with it makes it worthwile. The beauty of the Royal Enfield is that it isn't a really rare and collectible bike so you can go whatever way you want with it without drawing the ire of the rivetcounters and cardigans. But it is still uncommon enough to make it special.
                      My suggestion is to join one of the vintage bike clubs. You will get a wealth of advice and they are able to help you source parts and services as well. Camaraderie is also great.



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                        I wonder if some of the new models parts would work on yours?

                        Here is a couple web sites I have bookmarked for myself you may want to check out if you haven't already.

                        Royal Enfield Parts

                        The Australian Royal Enfield enthusiasts site
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                        I might be a "Racist"
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                          Absolutely awesome bike, can't wait to see this progress!


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                            Awesome project, I will be watching with interest..


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                              this thing is gonna look amazing with a bit of love. i say go fairly original with it. lots of the older looking finishes and not too much glossy chrome would do it for me!

                              take your time with it, we'll be here waiting!