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A long time ago in a far off land there was a RZ350R

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  • A long time ago in a far off land there was a RZ350R

    Always wanted a road bike so when I find this under my now wife’s house in Melb I had to ask some questions. Turns out its her X’s , he gets cleaned up going though a roundabout some 15 years ago and parks it under the house never to get back on it . So there it sits, no fairings or fuel tank but straight non the less. Things go well she moves up to the farm , so when we’re packing up the house I ask the X ( nice bloke) what you wont done with the bike “ you can have it he says ” and he still has the fairings and the tank workshop manual and owner book ( really nice bloke).

    Started work on it 12 months ago now . Fuel tank was stuffed dented and bottom rusted out , got a good tank down from wreckers it sdy . Head light fairing was in three bits, get it plastic welded, all the other fairing in good condition .The motor had one piston seized in bore. Rebuild motor, out 30 tho, new piston and seals. Powder coat frame, new seals and pistons in brakes and master cyl, recondition front forks. Polish and paint pretty well every thing, new battlex rubber, get tank painted and decals, same for head light fairing .
    Got it running in April for 4 days . Cleaned out oil tank didn’t do oil lines to carb’s (,my bad) seized it and destroyed one barrel and crank . Get second-hand motor from Perth, use its crank and its been balanced ( nice) and the barrels rest for spares . Alls well till it starts missing passing a truck one night. Turns out the gudgeon pin taken a liking the side of the barrel. Had trouble getting one circlip to seat that’s because the gudgeon didn’t have enough clearance . Engine out again ,resleeve damage barrel , port and polish barrels and another set of pistons, going again …..then I’m come home from a long ride(500klm) running it in ,tiered, dark, going to fast on a road I don’t know and I miss a T intersection
    Man was I pissed with myself. Broken fairings, big scrape on exhaust , one very bent clip on , mirror gone and broken throttle tube .

    So this is where I’m up to
    Decided to respray all the fairing
    Decal kit arrived this week from the US
    Weld new bar in clip on
    New throttle tube here
    New mirror here
    New screen here ( eagle screens)
    Pick up fairing tommow and start painting
    Fitted Galfer braided lines to front
    Waiting on Lomus Exhausts

    Just as well I go it for free or I could have bought my Daytona or Sprint buy now
    But I love it my RZ has keep me sane though a very tough patch

    Cheers all hope I haven’t bored you
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      Very nice. The chambers will be fun!


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        good stuff - any more photos of it before and of the work you have done along the way?


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          just these few

          Only get these few I took for rerouteing wire . Wish I had take some pics of the little beasty, never thought of it . I had a lot of shit happening at the time ( life sucks some times)

          Any way sprayed fairings today, decals on next

          and here's my home made spray booth in the woolshed
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            nearlly there

            just about all done still waiting on exhaust

            fairings come up well for first spay job ever
            made some reed spacers out of poly carbonate
            and fitted dailajets and uni filters
            new battery hold
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              does ANYONE have a running one anymore? :o


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                yes I have a TZR 250 running beatifully and shiny?
                Wanna picture to prove it?
                Nahh,.... right,... did not think so


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                  Originally posted by Jamathi View Post
                  yes I have a TZR 250 running beatifully and shiny?
                  Wanna picture to prove it?
                  Nahh,.... right,... did not think so
                  I meant an rz250/350 buddy. God, a complete running one would probably fetch like, a million dollars now (even all rusty).

                  The only RZ left still working, can I get a starting bid folks!?!? Do I hear 50 thou?!


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                    Just because your place seems to be where RZ's go to die....
                    c o o l s t o r y b r o


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                      This Runs

                      Yes this one runs and runs very very well
                      Road it to the VJMC rally at the Healesville Racecourse on the eastern side of Melbourne .Didn'Click image for larger version

Name:	RZ350R-03.jpg
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Size:	90.8 KB
ID:	4866938

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	ZR350R-02.jpg
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Size:	102.4 KB
ID:	4866939t win any prizes but had a great time
                      I put the stock pipes back on to get there


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                        Very schmick in that scheme.
                        c o o l s t o r y b r o


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                          Here at Last

                          Yes the JM's arrived on Friday .Put them on tonight and they fit problem the belly fairing doesnt . Going to see if I can get another one and mod it so it does .
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                            Nice pipes..

                            How much you need to take off ?


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                              Nice :p

                              But the OP made me cringe a bit....the bike seems cursed.....

                              And i like your attitude "the new pipes dont fit, so im gonna modify the belly pan so they do" eheheheheh
                              Success is nothing more then taking advantage of an opportunity.