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Project FZR400/YZF600R Hybrid

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    onya steve....keep up the posts,this is a great write up...very inspirational stuff..


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      Thanks Mate. Its been a long two years to get to this point.

      If I were in the West.. well anywhere but in China I could have built this project bike in less than half this time.

      Odd part is it would have cost me about the same though even with all the imorting I had to do 'cause the Western prices are so high. I guess thats called economic balance ha ha

      Will update more. I got an open practice on Friday I hope I can make the I can get a nice drive by sound bite once she is broke in, after the first session.

      Stay tuned


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        Well I have been thinking and thinking about this all day. Why is this thing not running right

        I got home and changed out the accel coils from the original stock ones. Which I also used last season.

        Broom broom started right up purrs like a kitten and when she warmed up she sounded geeaaaarrrrreat! (Tony the Tiger grrrrrrreat)

        Listen to her now Mwahahahaha.

        View My Video

        A lot better sounding! IMHO

        I do not have the time to mess with the accel coils and figure out why it runs 3 ok and one intermittently.

        Maybe a wire connector or somehting simple.

        but no time and these work.

        I removed the stator tonight as well as the voltage regulator and all that extra wiiring.


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          Sounds great!
          I see you're rockin' the sandals with socks there .. Pops Yoshimura used to do that..
          So you're running total loss now? It's a proper race bike now!
          With the coils .. I can only state the obvious .. check all your connections, and that they are earthing strongly .. are they subject to any vibration? otherwise hmm, who knows!?
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            Yah I will have to sort out the coils later.

            I got the crank case seal coming over night so by the time the part gets to the dealer then he turns it around It will be friday or saturday before I get the thing.

            I got my last practice before race weekend on Sunday. arhhh stressin.

            In this shipment I also got ne exhaust gaskets coming these are shot and I can feel leak by.

            I also got a new gasket for the clutch cover which seems to be leaking a little bit.

            I will fab up a quick no frill metal mount for my steering dampner and once I get it like I want I will bring it to Uli to have it fabbed nicely out of Aluminum. Its easier for me to do it that way. He just needs to copy off.

            Uli just got a new lathe and a drill press and the milling machine arrives next week. We can make anything ourselves now Woo Hoo!

            Yeah rocking the sock sandle combo.. 1970 style! ha ha :mellow:


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              Awsome built and a great and informative writeup China Racer. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates.
              It makes me want to hot up my old Tbird and take it classic racing. Oh, I have to get it running first.


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                Originally posted by Tbird tracker View Post
                Awsome built and a great and informative writeup China Racer. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates.
                It makes me want to hot up my old Tbird and take it classic racing. Oh, I have to get it running first.
                Guys I know it has been years but I wanted to update you as to why I suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.

                at about 140mph at the Shanghai F1 track I blew rod through the case and about killed myself. I got her to a stop worth out dying but the engine was totally fucked.
                Then I ended up in a messy divorce. my ex insisted on keeping my youngest who had a medical issue.
                After a year she could not handle it and I worked for two years to get her back to normal health. Sold everything I owned, moved back to the USA and did not work a job just stayed by her side until she was ok. But then I was broke as fuck. But who care my kid is ok right?

                Took a few year but got back on my feet. Then my Dad died which hit me pretty hard. At the time ISIS was doing their fucked up shit and I am a Christian so I said fuck it and volunteered to got fight with the Kurds to go help save my fellow Christians. None of you know this about me but before I ever moved to China I was a Mercenary soldier fighting in various conflicts back in the mid to late 1980's so I had combat experience problem was I had been doing some "Work" for some friends in the government when i was in China and then when I got back to the USA and once I made it known I was going to work with the Kurds who are technically a terrorist organization because they are fighting for independence and causing shit with Turkey our NATO Allie. I then became a red headed step child and was in an instant shut down from even talking to former intel friends and people I had been close to in the community.

                So I said fuck it and flipped houses for a while made some money and now lie off rental properties I bought and fixed up. Now I am starting a new chapter called Red Pill Racers Because I despise the fucked up women's movement and went total MGTOW Monk. I follow Sydney MGTOW maybe some of you have heard of him.

                So that's it I now am just making Cafe racers and selling them. If I get a response from this post I will start a new thread if you guys want about the cafe builds I am doing.

                Hope to hear from you all and sorry for not following up on the rest of this bike build but keeping alive took front row for a bit.


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                  fair enough. ok then, lets hear about your cafe racers
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                    Sorry, I got sick as a dog and nearly checked out. I had to put bike building on hold for a bit. Still alive and allbetter 100% now. Just getting financially back on my feet.


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                      If you notice the date of my last post.... Fucken Corona virus shit. I think I had it at the begining of the outbreak but it was not really known what it was just then. Finally after all this time (years really) I am back on my feet and building bikes again. Let me figure out how to post a pic here again. I just finished a 1991 Yamaha FZR1000 that used to be a race bike. The things scary fast.


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                        Can you upload pics from your computer files direct somehow? If not anyone know where to host pics for free?


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                          Originally posted by China_Racer_1 View Post
                          Can you upload pics from your computer files direct somehow? If not anyone know where to host pics for free?
                          You can't upload pics to the forum direct as the server was getting overloaded and caused a crash, most use Imgur, Flikr etc, you can use Dropbox as long as you change the "www" in the link with "dl"
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                          Originally posted by Phildo
                          Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
                          Originally posted by filbert
                          i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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