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Dainese Tattoo Jacket

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  • R160
    my tattoo is over 10 yrs old and still in perfect nick, highly recommend, but not for high summer :-)

    the tribal design on the back is pretty sweet, dont have a pic though :-(

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  • vbroom
    that's one thing that's always bugged me with dainese jackets. you pay top dollar for them and they don't come with even the usual foam back protector like most other brands do. besides that though you can't really fault their gear.

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  • chee
    sweet review, sweet jacket!

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  • rc_sam
    started a topic Dainese Tattoo Jacket

    Dainese Tattoo Jacket

    Quick review of the Tattoo leather jacket from Dainese.

    Received this jacket a few weeks ago, and have finally had enough time to do some decent riding to see how the jacket performs in a various conditions.

    The main body of the jacket uses D-skin leather which just shouts quality. It's much more supple than other leather I've seen used on other brands. As you can see in the photos there are stretch panels running up the arms and along up to the collars. This provides the main ventilation into the jacket.

    The rear of the jacket has a stretch panel around the back of the neck for comfort and the back of the arms which also provide a ventilation exit point. The lat area also uses perforated leather here for some extra ventilation.

    Inside of the jacket uses what Dainese call a 3D bubble liner. The liner is permanently fitted. This is meant to work by trapping bubbles of air between your skin and the jacket to provide cooling or warmth. The back has a slot for a optional back protector to be fitted should you desire.

    The shoulder are have plastic armour outside along with Titanium inserts.

    The arms have a Tattoo scribe which is done with leather on kangaroo leather. The detail here is really quite amazing. The elbow and forearm area has full armour inside with a stretch area on the elbow.

    The jacket I bought was a size 50. Overall fit good, waist has velcro adjustable straps and arms have zips at the wrists. However I felt the arms were a little large in proportion to the body. I have a feeling they may have done 1 size fits all for the tattoo etching. Those buying a larger size may find the arms fit more snug.

    Due to the ventilation it requires a jumper if you want to use it for cooler conditions. ie 10-15 degrees. Also tested it today for 25 degrees and it works very well. I would not suggest it for our summer 30+ degree conditions.

    Quality 8.5/10 (arms do not use d-skin leather)
    Fit 7.5/10 (mainly due to arms)
    Protection (7/10) No back hump or back protector supplied.
    Versatility (7/10) Spring/Autumn style jacket.
    Overall (7.5/10) 8.5 out of 10 for pimping looks though