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End Cans for a CBR250RR

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  • End Cans for a CBR250RR

    Just wondering how much and where to get a nice end can for my CBR 250RR?

    I know u can get roo racing pipes but are there ne other brands out there that fit on it?

    I was hoping to not spend more than $600 on the can, but if i have to then i have to.


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    dude all i can ask is why ??

    is yours stuffed ?? if its ok and its only for the sound ...then as in all the other posts on the topic ya coin for ya big bike ... 600 is half a yoshi pipe ...

    just my 2c
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      If you are going for a little more noise, go the roo pipe. Ballistic sux ... waaaaaaayyyyy too loud, to the point it is silly.

      Personally I wouldn't bother, but if yours is dented like mine, it kinda kills the resale value :cry:

      So if ya want to spend the cash, I say go the roo and have a little more noise whilst u have the bike, then sell it to some young punk who doesn't know much about bikes and think it sounds all big and powerful

      my 10c, my 2c is free


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        as all the other posts say.........keep 2fiddy's as quiet as ya can, make the big bikes as loud as ya use havin a 2fiddy that sounds louder then campo's bike if it ain't got the guts to back it up


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          if you can afford it and want it then get it. simple.
          It'll rev much more freely and you'll notice the difference.
          the standard can on the cbrr 250 is way too restrictive.

          this is not my's the truth!


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            well i went out and bought it neway!
            haha i just had to get it! Bought a roo racing and it looks sweet too

            Its so much better than the stocky for sure and notable difference in the rev range. I had the $$$ to waste so i mite as well.

            COme next yr when i have to sell it the bloke who buys will be happier with it i guess.