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Helmet Cam info wanted

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  • Helmet Cam info wanted

    Anyone know where this sort of stuff is sold in Perth? ANyone used it before? Its to suit Sony DV camera, and needs to be colour and have audio.

    Id be looking at the extreme version of it.

    Any help, much-o appreciated.

    Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...

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    Hi Robbie,

    You can get camera's etc from a place called Altronics on Roe St, Northbridge. You will be able to get a couple of different types there but need to work out the mounting your self.

    Possibly check out standbridge model shop for mounting hardware that may work. Have never looked there, but it would be my first call.

    Hope this helps.



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        Robbie: I'm thinking of getting that kit.. just curious, why've you chosen to source the bits yourself? Besides the USD$300 pricetag!


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          I've watched that crash clip a number of times now and I just don't understand how it happened?

          The corner looks easy as pie yet the first guy just runs of the road and falls off?



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            I just worked out how the crash happened.

            It was another damn R1...


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              The guy behind him must have had a brain-fart, too. Either that, or he was looking at his mate on the ground going "hey, that's unfortun-OH FUCK I GOTTA BRAKE NOW!" and then stands on the brakes. And falls off.


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                do you think something got caught under his rear wheel (the second guy).

                look at the mark it makes on the road, not just rubber


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                  marmar's theroy on what happened.

                  Fisrt guy arrieves too hot.

                  stands up to brake; hits cutting

                  second guy get too much rear brake & slides with a rock or sumthin under the wheel (see bir gouge in road), and lowsides

                  yar melkor.....those dam r1's, only thing there good for of throwin down the road



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                    da real question is why did the first guy go down...

                    he had heaps of lean angle left, mamby the rado was slippery.

                    Speaking of slippery roads, that tar they use to fill cracks in da road which end up lookin like some weird dendritic pattern in da road....there as slipper as all f**k. Nearly lost the front end findin that one out.



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                      yeah exactly 8-fiddy.

                      I suspect the first guy was just a typical R1 rider and paniced when he saw a corner, stood up when he should have laid it over into the corner and fucked it up.

                      Ah well...

                      maybe he'll by a gixxer now.


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                        Yea Im not real keen on the US$ pricetag either, so I figure there must be some decent local stuff. Making mounts and things is no drama. Its just the lenze unit Im really interested in.

                        That video of Campo's with the lap round Wanneroo, was that a standard camera, or one of these CCD lipstick thingo's?

                        The application I really want it for is helmet cam, and not so much bike cam.
                        Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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                          Robbie: I think that was done with just a regular camera, Calvin will confirm if you want to know. Yeah, the price from the US is expensive, but it looks to have all the kit - and to be honest I don't have the time to fuck around with leads, mountings and everything else. I'd like to be able to swap between bike-cam and lid-cam, too.


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                            $159 MOD-C88B
                            + others.