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Neons.....we've said it before, but I'm saying it again

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  • Neons.....we've said it before, but I'm saying it again

    Alright I'm an idiot...can't find posts that were typed...and can't be bothered...I'm curious to know where we can get neons from.....and what sizes they're in......

    If anyone can help out that would be sweet

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    Marlows, Repco, etc do them but best places are car stereo places like Alberts Car Stereo, Car Stereo City places like that.. dont know the sizes exactly, but they come in sort of finger-length ones up to as long as your arm kinda deal, just go in and have a looksie

    Or check out (cheers Campo!), they have some info
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      Can't go past the Fibre Optic Neon Wire (HottWirez) on the tricktape site.

      I wonder where wirez stand in the legality issue, assuming neons are "apparently" legal if you can't see the tube. Then of course there is the question of strobes, but personally eeeewwwww...


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        Yeah, go to the Tricktape site, they've got it all and deliver to Oz. Very good people to deal with, the bloke there, his name is Shawn, he's sent stuff to both Calvin and myself. Good people to go through, great products as well!


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          yeah Spun they sell the lights in Supercheap ( formerly Marlows) or Repco and I think JAYCAR in Newcastsle St will sell the neon strips...

          Good luck


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            mine aint working

            ummm.. fuse maybe ?
            Nick :twisted:


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              Maybe a bit of water or something got in there?

              Mine plays up occasionally, I dont think they like being shaken around as much as they get shook on a bike
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                Jaycar elecyronics have them too. For about half the price of anywhere else.


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                  Ebay. Ebay. Ebay. Cheap as shit stuff, and you can find almost anything thanks to all the weird shit yanks get up to.


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                    gawd....your turning your bikes into rice dudes.... :roll:


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                      Just so you all know, there is another option for bike neons, specially as the neon takes up a lot of space.

                      Computer modders will know that instead of neon tubes which are big, run hot and arent THAT bright, you pick up what are called CCFL's (Cold Cathode Fluro Lights from memory? Someone correct me).

                      Navada Computers in Osborne Park sell them, as well as a few other stores (personally recommend Navada though) They are already wired for 12V as well, with switches on some of them, and the diameter of the lights are about 1/4 of a neon tube. See for details. (32.50 retail aint bad for 2 lamps!)

                      Perfect for fitting under seat units or under the bottom of the bike itself where space is at a premium. And from what I can remember they use a similar amount of power to the neon tubes. But much brighter, and better colours

                      And hey, the other option is to string up series of 12V LED's, that way you can go for spotlight effects on the ground around the bike, as well as bulk string the lights in smaller spaces in the fairings to give nice effects (Can anyone think of how cool a firestorm would look with a set of LED's lighting up the radiators on the side ducts?). And you would also be able to have multiple colours, with either long throw LED's or wide angle units for area lighting.
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                        Nice info, should we just call you Mr Discotech?
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                          Heh I just enjoy the electrical side of it

                          Ok, I have the official line on the neons regulation.....FINALLY

                          First I called belmont police. They had no idea, but gave me traffic divisions number.

                          Traffic division gave me Department of Planning and Infrastructure's number.

                          DPI put me thru to DPI Technical department.

                          DPI Tech Dept (after laughing their wise ass heads off for a couple minutes) say neons are legal only if:
                          A: The tube cannot be seen.
                          B: The light ONLY shines directly down onto road
                          C: The light must not reflect off other parts of the vehicle

                          So this would mean that an under seat unit wont work due to reflection off mudguard, wheel, swingarm, etc.

                          Only place to put it really then is either mounted under the swingarms, with shrouds to stop it shining on the rim/wheel, or under the centre of the bike where it would only spread about 1 foot either side of the bike.

                          You would possibly be able to get away with some LED highlighting inside the body of the bike, but it would have to be pretty dim, and if you are going to challenge the cops that pull you over about the neons, they would probably be pretty pissed enough to blast you for the LED's

                          SO! It is possible, and legal ladies and gents! After half a million phone calls and dealing with some complete assholes, we have the powah!

                          PS: The guy at the DPI Tech department commented that he wished he had a shotgun when driving so he could kill all those wankers with neons, because its so distracting when ur driving.............And I would hazard a guess he is a weekend warrior in a big safe four wheel drive
                          Nitrous is like a hot girl with STD's, you know you wanna hit it, but you are afraid of the consequences!


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                            I sell these at work!!!
                            They are called cold cathode neons, they come in a few colours and are about a foot long, run on 12V and i've got them on my bike. they work really well. talk to me and i'll line u up


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                              Just do it!!!!!