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Electric supercharger !!!! Oohh noo!! But have a geaz

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  • Electric supercharger !!!! Oohh noo!! But have a geaz

    Hey peps

    Thinkn elec super charger. in the way of 2 rc 3inch by4inch 6 proped turbo fans .
    Bout 60amps each .

    Have a fighterd sv1000 and ppl are taking out this snorkel from the abox and raising the tank 15-20mm to get a bit more ram air ..

    My thaughts were that 1 fan can suposedly charge the abox 1 1.5psi so 2 maybe 2-3psi witch maped right should give u around 10hp kick

    Was goin to chop the from of the tank of and make a mould 1. Fan eathier side with a ram air duct 20mm across the top between the to fans when their off

    Idea would be to have 2 switches that would have a 5sec 10sec timer for both fans + a second battery tucked away to handle the current

    Not saying u would use them at each set of lights but should be able to use them enough to enjoyit 5-6times a ride ..

    So given these 60amp 3 phase rc plane fans can propel a jet with a wingspan 1.2m 160km/ph. 2 of them should be able to charge 3 psi and make 10 extra hp right?

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    they are a waste of time. don't bother, lots of money, lots of Amps and not much out come
    Originally posted by Rocket
    Hahah yeah, cos if there's one thing that scares the shit out of people, it's a bunch of 60kg computer geeks on GPX250's wobbling into a carpark.


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      Basically it's an electric coupled supercharger rather than the usual mechanical coupling, the losses are higher, and chances are the electrical power required to sufficiently charge the air cannot be drawn from any bike or cars electrical system without massive upgrades - by that time you may as well have gone down the mechanical supercharger or turbo route - both of which will be more efficient and cost less.

      What you will in fact end up with if you cannot supply the electricity is a power drop due to the blocked air intake.


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        Reading your posts make me want to suck out my eyes with a vacuum cleaner.


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          So your gonna ride/drive around something that's tuned for 3+ psi boost on 0 psi for most of the time? =pig

          *edit. why not hook up your A/C unit to your air intake while your at it for a poor mans cold air induction?
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            calling Maxo, where is that leafblower supercharger pic?

            In the words of Paul Walker from fast and the furious, after your car mysteriously spins out after 'topping out' at 160... "I need NOS"
            Just be careful though, don't blow the welds on the intake or have danger to your manifold so that your floor drops out for no particular reason - or me and the mad scientist here are going to have to rip apart the block and replace those piston rings you fried.


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              your better off strapping a garden blower to the back of your bike and using that to supercharge. at least it has its own power supply.


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                Well stuff me for tryin to be a little inovative!! The battery packs bout half the size of a coke can and good for 15 mins

                If it charges the air box to 1-1.5psi has an ecu the size of a pack of cards and well 15min / 10 secs = 90 blasts of fun

                So x2 gives 2.5psi for $400 worth of motors and prolly not Mutch more for the rest

                if I had an extra 7k and wanted 60 more hp .sure I'd get what everybody elses having .but for 10hp on a big twin with a setup that seems so eazy ! Not to hard to compress air people!
                IF ITS TO LOUD ! YOUR TOO OLD


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                  If your attitude is some cheap fun blasts, bang for buck go nitrous.

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                    How are you going to tie in your fueling system so you don't lean out the motor every time you hit the fun button?


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                      Surley theirs also a dvice witch let's u run the electric superblown Sv when it wants to be tame then switch to another map for pure supercharged madness!!!
                      IF ITS TO LOUD ! YOUR TOO OLD


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                        Thaught the pc3 may offer a duel map system ? Givin recent batt tech and these 3 phase bullshit powerfull motors the hardest part would be curing the front of the tank and resealing it .. Then fit a custom cowel with ur vents over the top of the air box and but it up to the tank . Got a fair amount of room between the twin cylinders .
                        IF ITS TO LOUD ! YOUR TOO OLD


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                          In any case ... I'll get ram air ! Lol
                          IF ITS TO LOUD ! YOUR TOO OLD


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                            Originally posted by Slipin View Post
                            Thaught the pc3 may offer a duel map system ?
                            Nah, they found that duel maps would fight each other.


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                              ^^^sharp tonight

                              And when the batteries are flat you then have 2 big restrictions in your intake dragging you down 10hp
                              Being an Australian is not an excuse for being dumb and racist.