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Need to borrow Oil Seal Driver

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  • Need to borrow Oil Seal Driver

    Have just tried to replace fork seals on my fireblade (954) and found that with upside down forks it's really hard to re-seat the new seals.

    Tried to improvise but didn't want to damage seal or fork so have given up now.

    I'm in Northern suburbs and would be happy to supply a six pack for anyone that could lend me the correct tool. (Oil Seal Driver)


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    Cant help with a tool, but wind race/duct tape around the fork leg until it is almost the same diameter as the outside of the seal. Just push the forks down and the tape will slide upward pushing the seal in. You can even wind the first few turns further away from the seal so the tape doesn't push on the seal lip. (hard to explain that bit)
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      darkfibre, has this worked for you before? because if at all, it seems like it'll damage the oil seal lip.

      I've made my own oil seal driver before by buying a piece of PVC piping, can't remember what size but as long as its the same size as the outer section of the oil seal, cut it in half so you can separate both sides and hold them around the fork stanchion, tape it together and drive the seal in the slide hammer stroke. Works like a charm.


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        I've got one but you will have to come to me to put them in.



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          Thanks for the suggestions guys!

          I bought OEM seals so really keen to use the correct tool as don't want to risk any damage whatsoever.

          Marty that would be awesome, can you PM me details and let me know when it good for you, also what beer you like!




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            Use the old seals & PVC pipe to drive in the new seals
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