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LF Yamaha Virago 250 brakelight mod

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  • LF Yamaha Virago 250 brakelight mod


    Just bought a Virago 250 and if I'm stuck with the sucker for a year I want to make it look a little less lame.

    First things first I need to find a replacement for the "penis" like brake light on the rear fender. Check it out. Its not nearly flush enough with the curve of the fender.

    Is there a good shop in Perth for this sort of thing?

    Next will be getting some new bars cos I don't dig the bmx bar look, after a flat or drag bar. So if anyone knows a good spot for that, post here as well. I've checked online for both products and no avail. Maybe just a trip to 5 Star would be worth it to ask the dealer?


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    Pictures form the side can be misleading, but obviously your not happy with the cock hanging out your rear....

    Im not sure of many places that will stock aftermarket parts for a Virago, but give Mandy a call at 5* she might be able to help you out....


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      Check out this rear fender setup, no obnoxious cock on the back and the rear indicators sitting off the vendor not on it. This is what I'm after.

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