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any one do this in Perth?

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  • any one do this in Perth?

    Found this and really wanna my daytona lights to be lookin like this

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    if any one knows some can do these thing please let me now


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    Ok, havent tried to copy a link before, but hopefully this works. This is what you are looking for I think, and I dont think any shop likes doing it because of the heating? Could be wrong though.
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      yes sir its the heating problem, thanks for the reply.


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        They're fairly simple to do yourself it just takes alot of time, it can be pretty easy to mess up though which could mean buying a new headlight..
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          Yep Subaru liberty owners went thru a phase of trying this, but become un popular after the number of people having to replace the head light unit.

          Biggest problem after seperating the lens from the housing was a high rate wouldnt seal properly again, len's developing condensation inside the housing that couldnt be cleaned out unless you went thru the whole heat/split lens from housing process again.
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            Why not buy a spare headlight to do the mod on and keep the original headlight intact as a spare for later?.
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              I know somebody who did this to their Daytona recently. It's a bitch to undo when they give you a yellow sticker for it
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