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BUYIN ELECS PC3 or 5? TRE .. speedo healer .. G-Indictor ADVICE WANTED

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  • BUYIN ELECS PC3 or 5? TRE .. speedo healer .. G-Indictor ADVICE WANTED

    hey all

    want to buy some stuff for the SV1000 ... this is my list

    -speedo healer
    -gear indicator light..

    question is .. witch is the best way to get and combine all the products ?? given im goin to buy them al at once..

    i see theirs all diff sorts of powercomanders out their pc3-pcv.wide band .1's with fuel air ratio dial that sits on ur dash ! .. so witch 1 would suit the bike best ? keep in mind i plan to have it prof tuned. once everything i want has been done..

    but are their systems out their. that incorperate .or maybe operate better with each of these ? if so what are they ? and or am i wasting my time with some off the items ??

    regards slipin

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    You forgot to put fans, batteries and a speed controller on your list.
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      im starting to sway to the NOS as apposed to the fan's . to start out any way. as this will be my only bike for the next few years . if shit does go south. i will be outa action way for longer than i can handle ... !!! but missus says i have to sell the ZX6RR first ... so once i get the elec problem sussed with that .and sell it..

      time to play ...

      fan option that id like .was gana cost round $1000 .with no guarntee itll work .. im gana try do some sort off cheap attempt . just to see how mapping issues and the electronic side of things will play out .. bfor i start making heavy bike changes ..

      witch makes witch powercommander to get all the more important !! as i plan to mod in the future .. oddly some mite say

      whats ur recomendation !!?? powercomander wise ... if the slipcharger works ..its gana have to controll and pump a shit load of fuel... or if it makes any differance to having a NOS set up .


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        Generally you will find either only the PCV will be for your model, or the PCIII. They don't overlap for any bike models/years according to the Dynojet website, although other have tested and found that they can be used. Obviously at that stage no warranty will apply.

        the PCV and PCIII can both be tuned once you have the mods done, however they are not designed to be used with NOS i.e. no special tune or button possible for when using NOS.

        In terms of the TRE / change Indicator / speedo healer, some brands combne the tre/speedo healer, some brands combine change indicators & gear indicators. Generally there are only two or three brands out there for each application. They all do the same thing, and they all cost different amounts, depend on how they are fitted. As I don't have eny experience with SV1000's, I could recommend brands with no real feedback as how they might work with the SV1000.

        Why don't you be an explorer, and have a go at choosing it all yourself? Then hopefully you could write up a nice, literate review on the products, and help answer the questions for others in the future.......
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            yeah stuff's ordered .. cheers for the reply though ... and found the TRE often can have a gear change sensor Indicator as a combo option... apart from that . ur post pritty much summed it up.

            2006 SV1000

            No PCV just PC3 "so ive been told"
            healtech speedo healer
            TRE+gear change indicator .. that was proberly the main suprise and a good 1 ! that they do that combo ! for minimal extra cost .

            all products were purchased from our site suppporters SBTS ... will post up when its all hooked in .and see if u can "seat of your pants dyno" realy notice a differance from stock ..


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              Can't wait .............
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