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Ignition barrel replacement

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  • Ignition barrel replacement

    Some unknown person attempted to ride my bike without my permission, and as they did not possess a key they used a drill instead. This did not work, but now neither does my key.

    I am left with a bike I cannot start and a requirement for a replacement ignition barrel. I'm hoping someone out there has some experience in this area; the first question which comes to my mind is

    "Do I need to find an ignition barrel from (roughly) the same model bike, or is this a more generic part which I can purchase aftermarket off-the-shelf?"

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    Try calling motorcycle masters in kewdale. They may have one lying about.


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      the barrel is usually also the steering lock, a bolt is extended from the barrel into bolt hole (just like a household dead lock) which is on the frame/steering stem- so yes you will almost certainly need to find a model specific barrel
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        Curiously, my bike has no steering lock. Not sure if this is normal for a FZR (3LN), or whether perhaps it has been through barrel-trauma in the past.


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            I'm pretty sure my spare 3LN frame had a switch and key still on it. Sold with the bike to Mrbov on here, may pay to give him a PM and see if he has it and will part with it.
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              Thanks for the tip, and thanks heaps to mrbov who graciously parted with his barrel and key. The fizzer is up and running again.


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                Originally posted by maxfacta View Post
                Thanks for the tip, and thanks heaps to mrbov who graciously parted with his barrel and key. The fizzer is up and running again.
                Good to hear
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                Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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                  yo maxfacta,i had the same problem in bentley about 10 years ago(cbr600) and a couple of years ago(ZX7R). on both accounts motorcyclemasters have been to my rescue.

                  it's a pain but one remedy i found was to put a bike cover but have a chain over the bike and cover. that way, if they want to steal the bike, they have to take off the cover but they'll have to remove the chain first........the chain i bought was the brand titanium taht has this hard plastic cover over the chain.

                  this is an annoying practice but it sure gave me peace of mind.

                  hope this will help you in the future. prevention is always better than cure.
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