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Front inner fork tubes 91 ZXR250c. Opinions please.

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  • Front inner fork tubes 91 ZXR250c. Opinions please.


    So I'm reposting here since I'm having zero luck with my more technical/mechanical themed posts in the two-fiddy section.

    Does anyone know if you can get after-market inner forks for the zx2r? The chrome plating on mine have pitted away and corroded in the usual spot down the bottom on the inside. Found out after taking it all to pieces. I was so excited to reseal them too.

    I know the A models are different. Anyone have any suggestions? I thought it would be okay since the pitting was only localised around the end (where the calipers bolt on to etc) in a small area.

    Pictures: The actual pitting area is over 3cm and mostly on the inner side, with some small bits extending to about 3.5cm.

    I've gone looking on kawasaki Japan site which quoted 25000yen which is about 280AUD EACH but their brand new. I have heard of a place/person that were doing aftermarket ones for the bike but I can't find them either. I was also thinking of getting some quotes on chrome resurfacing though I've heard it might cost up to $600 for the both of them.

    Would the kind help on PSB please offer some insight?



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    Not nice job Pm Gav at GD engineering on the forum I think he may have a chroming contact and you are right its not cheap. I have cleaned up worse and got away with it You just have to keep them clean to stop more corrosion.



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      u can also look for kr1s forks and zxr400 L or H forks. they should go into the triple tree and the only difference is the spacers from wat ive read. u can also upgrade the breaks on the zxr400 forks to gsxr1000 breaks if i remember correctly.


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        Ah I might've tried the upgrade path but i've already re conditioned my front calipers and painted them. Marty, I though I could get away with them too but i'm also getting other opinions that I should do it right or not at all etc. By preventing corrosion I just gotta wipe it down etc right? Pm sent

        thanks for getting back to me guys

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          the krs1 seems to have the same brakes the only thing is it doesnt have usd forks. ive been reading about its rear suspension. dunno if its better or not but they all seem to have the external oil can thing and ive seen them on a zxr250. theres a dedicated site to the krs1 and they are putting r6 shocks on and all and the frame isnt that much different from our bikes.

          ive just got my engine rebuilt "again" and its in the bike now but im now dealing with the carbs and ill know in a week or so if im going to keep it or part it out. if i part it out ill do the whole front end for $500. or forks for $300.


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            New fork seals at around $50 are a hell of a lot cheaper than any other option. I'd be (and yes, I've done this in the past) cleaning it up, putting new seals in and just seeing how long it lasts before I started going for much, much more expensive solutions.

            I know people who have cleaned up and dried out much nastier pitting, sanded/ground out any rough edges, filled the holes with something reasonably hardy - eg tapping tin or something into them - polishing up and getting 000's of km out of them.

            Worst case you've blown $50 on new seals which don't last long.
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              i agree with that , by the looks of it the only time the seals will run over them is when u brake hard as its mostly at the bottem. and if u clean it up so its smooth enough it should last.


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                Do the forks actually get down as far as the pitted areas?


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                  I had my Ohlins rechromed as they were stone damaged

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                    Bert how much were they to rechrome it? Also how did you manage to separate the triple tree? I can only think of heat gun to release it.

                    Marty - I was just thinking that hey. I already have everything ready too.

                    Frogger - hopefully it doesn't come to that but thanks. Are your forks pitted? and will the inners actually fit you reckon?

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