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  • ZX12r PC3 maps


    Tried to search for maps on the forum but not turning up anything. Can a kind soul please assist in providing a link to download the Muzzys PC3 map (alternative site)? Tried to download directly from their website to no avail.

    Or if you have a custom map which suit the below, please share ^_^

    - Stock zx12r
    - New stainless steel full muzzys system
    - PC3
    - BMC cleaners

    Also, fellow zx12 owners, does your temp goes regularly to the 3/4 mark on the instrument panel? I took mine out for a short ride and noticed the temp keeps visiting the 3/4 mark before dropping to half. The moment I reach home, the battery died on me.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Found a link that has a couple of different configurations for the bike. Couldnt find anything exactly to the tunes of BMC cleaners and full muzzys.

    Anyway, here's the link where you can download the maps.

    Dave Potter's Kawasaki ZX12-R Tuning Guide - Power Commander - Dynojet

    If anyone has similar configurations to mine, please share, thanks.


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      What year?
      User contains traces of nuts.


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        Try here
        User contains traces of nuts.


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          Originally posted by Pato View Post
          Thanks for this. I have got this on the disc that came with the PC3 USB. Just wanting the ones Muzzys have on their website to compare the difference. Read on other forums that Dynojet's map is running lean and Muzzys rich.

          Gonna book in with Dynotime for next month but was hoping I can get it tuned prior. Also Russell don't do exhaust installation so currently am looking to see if there's another tuner that can do installation of the exhaust and also tune the PC3.

          Btw Its a 2003 model.