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2005 r1 clutch setup

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  • 2005 r1 clutch setup

    I purchased a 2005 r1 with a rattley motor. Was told that it was a big end bearing and im in the process of getting to the big ends for a look. Was told the bike went to 2 workshops to diagnose the problem.

    I had the motor running and there was a rattle in the engine, but when i grabbed the clutch the sound went away. I thought it was pressure being put on the crank and pushing the big end hard against another part of the engine and making the sound go away. Had the same thing with a holden six years ago that had a broken crank, sound went away when the clutch was pushed in.

    But now when I have pulled off the clutch cover I have come across something that im not sure is right. The clutch pull rod, well that looks like its name in the Haynes manual I have is loose and can just float around. Maybe this is how it should be, but ive got no experience with them so I thought I would post here and hope that some other people have played with clutches and could give me some advice.

    I do have metal in the oil pick up so it could have a bad bearing. Any advice with the clutch would be appreciated.
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    That is normal, they work by pulling on the shaft by a gear mesh with the rotating shaft in the clutch cover. It is how the clutch disengages .
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      cool, cheers for the reply