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Rear brakes - OEM of Aftermarket?

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  • Rear brakes - OEM of Aftermarket?

    Hey guys, I'm working on my brakes at the moment. It is a kawasaki ZX7R . the rear brake never worked since I bought it (project) and I figured out the pistons were bugged (uneven end where it touches the brake pads). to get new pistons and seals Causeway kawasaki quoted me on + - 250 bucks. I'm not sure if it is only the pistons as they are chipped a tiny bit maybe 1mm in one side. The brake pads are wearing unenvenly though. the contact area between the brake pads and the disc is fairly small though. That might be why it is not braking. But my question is:

    Value for money wise, what's better spend +- 250 bucks and recon my old caliper, or get a new aftermarket caliper. I have no idea of price or brands for calipers though. Heard of Brendo or something similar. What do you guys reckon?

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    I highly doubt you will need to replace the pistons. They are probably seized from all the rust/dirt. If you are mechanically minded you can pull it apart and put new seals on. Save your money rear brake is not something anyone will ever see the need to upgrade. I hardly use mine nowadays the only time I do is slowing down to traffic or while I'm filtering at the lights an of course e-stops which I generally try to keep them on a limited number


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      Take your caliper apart, keep the seals, clean the pistons, take it all to perthbrakeparts or transeals or some such. They'll measure it up, and quote you on replacement bits. Advertise your findings later for the benefit of mankind PSB


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        I've taken it apart before. I've noticed that I could re use the seals but because they were only a couple of bucks each than I thought I could get them changed 2. I'll take them apart again, take pictures and post it. I think it could also be a pressure problem as I did the bleeding at home

        where are these guys (perthbrakeparts, transeals)? won't their service cost me just as much as new parts? hence mechanics are a rip off?


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          they stock brake parts and seals. so they won't rebuild it for you, but they'll be able to quote you on new pistons if required (hence why you should clean them first, so that they can give you an answer about corrosion without having to clean them themselves, PBR will do pistons, transeals won't i'm going to guess.), and whatever sized seals your calipers use.

          the tradeoff is that the effort invested in doing this pulltown, tidy up and running around is that you'll get your bits and bobs for a fraction of a kawasaki rebuild kit.


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            just a maybe important detail to ad,

            The guy I bought the bike from used the rear brake pads to the metal, literally! I had to change the disc cuz it was worn a couple of mm in. So the pistons have touched the disc :| (yes he was a fucked up guy) but I'll do that.


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              Perth Brake Parts

              Perth Brake Parts
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              Originally posted by Phildo
              Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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                piston wont touch the disc, the pad should still has the ceramic backing, unless he worn through that too.

                judging from excessive riding of the rear brake you probably could have a warped rotor and piston/caliper. Best to get it checked out


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                  Rear brakes? Sheeiiit.. Just remove them all together and save the weight!


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                    the disc has been changed already, so I'm not worried about it. I need my rear brake for e.brake, as I do too much shit on the road.


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                      You use your rear brake in emergencies? Wouldn't bother myself, I'd be on the front so hard that even a touch would lock up the rears.

                      I know there will be lots of die harders out there who will jump on me for saying this, but I gotta honestly tell ya I almost never use the rears. Ever... And I've been riding for almost 20 years now.

                      Rear brakes on my 1198S are next to useless anyway.... There's nothing, nothing, nothing, then LOCK...

                      Even under mild pressure, the rear brake barely makes a difference (or rather, a material difference) in slowing you down.. Now the fronts on the other hand.... Jeebus...


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                        this is not an arguement whether the rear brakes are necessary or not. He may choose to use it in e-stop scenarios, stability at low speed, or control during wheelies but whatever if he wants it working he has all the reason to have it fixed.

                        tunnermann i would recommend you take the caliper assembly complete to perth brake parts and get them to have a look at it. Bring your old rotor too if you still got that laying around as it will tell the stories.


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                          If i had a super good front brake I wouldn't care that much about my rear, but I reckon my front one is going soon too. on e.brake I see myself having to squeeze between cars cuz I couldn't stop in time. and If I'm doing 160km and see a bloody truck blocking the whole way i would rather lock my rear turn and slide than crash head first.

                          as whellies, ohhh whellies. I'll learn how to do you one day! this bike has so many problems atm that I don't dare taking it to the extremes. And I would also need a decent jacket with a back hump cuz I can see myself falling on my back


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                            btw kryten2001 I saw ur garage (here at PSB, I haven't broken into your house, but after seeing the pictures I wish I had ) you've got some awesome gear in there! ducati lover aye wish my bike had such low kms like yours Mine just did 50000 last week guess i'll have to do the engine soon 2


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                              There has been many comments on repairing the hydraulics (seals/pistons etc). A previous comment was made about uneven wear. Are we talking about one pad being more worn or the pads worn at an angle. If they are worn at an angle there may be more issues than just hydraulic ones.
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