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2004 Yamaha Roadstar Stator

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  • 2004 Yamaha Roadstar Stator

    G'day guys,

    First bit of cold weather hit the other day and when the bike wouldn't start I immediately thought 'battery'. Which it was but there was something else; actually there was something missing.

    Once started and at revs I was missing a couple of volts at the battery. Only 12.59v was showing on the meter when I know for a fact that should be much closer to 14v.

    And last night, much to my horror I tested and found a grounded stator. Simple test for the Roadstar, along with a few other tests (main fuse for one!), is grounding the stator connector plug pins. Black meter wire to earth and the red meter wire to each of the contacts in the plug back to the stator. Correct results should be an open meter sung a short to ground on all three.

    So, I'm up for a stator (yoo-woo: Who can be recommended to contact for this??) and I'm going to look to do it myself. Sure a few bits and pieces have to come off, and a gasket and about 6 foot of wiring is involved but what the'll save me $$ off labour costs and right now every penny not spent is quite welcome.

    This thread is then for recommendations as to who can provide a stator for a decent price, and if there's any technical minded folks who care to share a bit of advice in this project.