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  • my laughin gas project

    I've been getting a lot of queries about my NOS setup on the bike lately,
    so here are some photos I took during the installation.

    I didn't really want to give out details of the nos setup before as i was afraid of the negative comments i might get, but you guys seem to be a bunch of nice people and understand my mental state.

    I used NOS kit #3008 designed for bikes over 700cc.
    currently the jettings are set at 9hp per cylinder = 36hp extra(tried upto 48hp), the kit allows maximum of 60hp (this will require a bit of work on the engine beforehand and some psychic therapy).

    and to answer 2 mostly asked question:
    1. how does it feel when it kicks in?
    it's not an easy question to answer but I would describe the feeling to be the same as when I jumped on an R1 for the 1st time after riding a zx2. do you activate/deactivate it?
    4 switches in series need to complete a circuit to activate the NOS.
    first I armed the NOS with the missile switch(1) mounted on the triple, I wait until 4th gear 8000rpm(higher the rpm less kick it'll give). I give it full throttle to activate the microswitch(2) mounted on the throttle body. Fuel pressure safety(3) closes moments after second fuel pump becomes active. and finally I take deep breath and shift my weight foward by pushing down on the pegs then press the horn button(4) to complete the circuit. do a wheelie in 4th, skim the surface in 5th and look for a braking point in 6th. never hit the rev limiter with NOS active. I have a shift light on top of my screen set at 1000 rpm before the rev limiter.
    after reaching near the rev limit let go of the horn button but don't close the throttle fully, if i can feel the nos deactivate then close throttle and brake. If the nos does not shutdown then keep the throttle on and use the purge to redirect some of the nitrous then hit the kill switch.

    also it doesn't change the topspeed on my R1 since I kept the same gearing, but allows you to reach it quicker. and of course only at a right time and place.

    next year i'll be starting turbo r1 project, that should keep you guys amused...

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    Anyways top stuff zipdrive! 8)

    [edit]Oops you've already written that your gonna set up turbo on the r1 next yr! cos I was just about to ask you if you got any future plans for turbo!! siik! :twisted: [/edit]


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      *note for future referance*

      if zipdrive is behind you and you hear his horn...........


      So does the horn actually sound still :?: :?:



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        So does the horn actually sound still :?:  :?:
        heheh that'll be funny...but no, the horn doesn't sound when nos is active.


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          Nice install, got a few questions
          where did you buy the kit from?

          and how many shots do you get out of that bottle?


          cya round


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            where did you buy the kit from?

            and how many shots do you get out of that bottle?

            I got the kit from Chris Mills performance (WA distributer for NOS)

            9hp nitrous jet consumes about .01lb / sec
            with 4 nozzles for 4 cylinders, they consumes .04 / sec
            I use 2lb bottle which gives 50sec, this is a very rough calculation.


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              Hey Zip ya nut, very, very impressed!! Nice work mate. Much reschpetca :mrgreen:


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                Good work there mate. A mate of mine runs nitrous, mounted vertically isolation valve to the top. Would not run right on one bottle and we found it did not have a dip tube in the bottle because some bottles are made to run upside down and some not. Anyway yours is horizontal so check with Chris Mills if that set up is all good. Nitrous pressure also critical, some guys use electric blankets or just hot water to heat bottle for correct pressure.


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                  You parents know you are certified insane?
                  Will you insure me?!


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                    yep... the bottle i use has a syphon which points opposite to the label. This is all clearly explained in the manual.
                    low bottle pressure is not so much of a problem, i prefer to run low pressure then risk over pressurising with warmers leading to leanout. just leaving the bike/bottle in the sun raises the bottle pressure to about 1100psi, the jettings are tuned for 900psi, this means i gotta purge $2-4 worth of nitrous to bring the pressure down :x
                    but of course the whole scenario changes at the dragrace coz everyone tunes the system to run with a higher nitrous pressure.


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                      You parents know you are certified insane?
                      yep! when i microwaved my 1st lego set


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                        and you're such a quiet bloke when we go for coffee at the Dome too...

                        who would know you are sitting on a bottle of insanity.