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WARNING!!! Predator Motorcycle Helmet

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  • WARNING!!! Predator Motorcycle Helmet

    Heads up for people considering in buying this helmet.

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    someone paid $1000 for that? deserves to be fucked over....


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      wow... thats some pretty shit construction...


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        $1000 for a novelty/toy helmet?

        One born every minute i guess.
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          Fucking brilliant video, that is a terrible, shitty helmet. They look cool, but that is where it stops.

          (Then again it is only meant to be a novelty helmet, but not a $1000 novelty helmet.)

          EDIT: Filbert beat me to it.


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            Didnt watch video but honestly...

            Is anyone surprised?
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              Originally posted by thro View Post
              Didnt watch video but honestly...

              Is anyone surprised?
              Well for $1000 dollars you seriously ought to receive better build quality.

              Although I am happy to see he put his foot down after complaining and not getting anywhere with the company and made this video.


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                He mumbles. Needs new soundtrack.

                And yeah, what a sucker. Was he planning to ride on the streets with that thing, or scare little kids.
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                  Haha. "I'm not trusting my life with that"

                  Mmm what an idiot, how could you even think a Helmet from Russia would be a good thing?

                  Fool an their money.....

         - - -


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                    And it comes with no standards testing at all.


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                      The site in the early days did mention DOT and Snell approved .
                      Guess they changed there site once enough people got scamed and reprocusions may be on the cards.
                      I tilt my shitty hat to good sir, you make my friend in Nigeria seam second rate.
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                        What a retard.. Who the fuck would actually buy that thinking it was suitable to riding?

                        meh, if he wasn't ripped off here - he would have sent his money to a Nigerian prince for a 10000% return.


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                          Originally posted by Eugene View Post
                          They look cool
                          Eye of the beholder I guess...but no.


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                            "I spent a thousand dollars on this helmet, took three months to come, and didn't build it how I asked.... Don't buy this helmet..."


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                              you probably can pick them up alot cheaper at Bali or Bangkok along the street stalls
                              would be great if they do masks for paintball so we can use it for scenario days
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