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  • Wires wires everywhere!

    Calling all modders. I am just finishing up a Yamaha SR250 rebuild but i have changed the head light as the original one was HUGE. The new lamp however, being a bit smaller, doesn't have as much room to hide all those electrics so i have been left with a handful (Literally) of connectors sitting at the top of the frame where the tank should sit. I am just keen to know what any of you did with your projects if you have hit the same issue or whether you think i can just shove them in the new lamp even if it's a tight squeeze.

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    Depending on were the loom rubs too, you could relocate the connectors to somewhere less visible, and get all solder and heat shrink on the wires near the head light, to have smaller (though not disconnectable) joins, which you could hide under some sort of split loom tubing, or spiral wrap.
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