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Front brake lever GS500

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  • Front brake lever GS500

    Dropped my bike and bent the brake lever. Found this great vid: GS500 Brake Lever Replacement - YouTube

    I tried to check if the brakes still works or not by trying to take off with the brakes still on, and it seems like the brakes aren't engaging.

    Just wanted to know if there are any other bits and bobs inside the slot that may be fucked? Or most likely if the lever is replaced and it'll be fine?

    I've also noticed the following tubes that may / may not be fucked as a result of the drop...the second one on the image was leaking a tiny bit of fuel.

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    Are these normal? Don't see how the drop could have resulted in those two tubes tearing...

    Also ...thoughts on a helmet hitting the ground ? Literally from standing and seemingly light tap. I know its pretty much a write-off if your head is inside but was wondering if there is a threshold as I was pretty much stationary. Helmet was a shark s900c.

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    Front or rear brakes ?

    Had a look at the pic of the tubes . they look like over flow hoses from the pic . And yeah u will usually get a bit of fuel coming out of 1 after the bike has laid on it's side .

    As for the helmet .. If u drop it from shoulder Hight on to a hard floor the manufacturer recommends replacment.
    However .. Unless my helmets get a crack ,deep scratch or get physically damaged I will still ride with them .


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      Thanks for the reply, i was referring to my front brakes, but now that u mentioned it I hsould proably check the rears too.


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        Yep ... I'm a goose ! Right at the top in bold !!

        Do u know how the front brakes operate ? Hydraulically . So reading ur post it's hard to make sense of what ur saying .. If u pump the brakes . U should feel firmness in the lever which means the pads should be hard up against the discs .. And the front wheel shouldn't move .

        If u pump the lever and it's firm and the front wheel is still moving . Then theirs a blockage some where or the brake pistons are jammed .

        If the lever depresses all the way to the handle bar with no firm feed back . Then it sounds like u need to give the brakes a bleed ..

        If it's the crash u are worried about .. In regards to damaging ur brakes .. Look for brake fluid leaking out of ur system .


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          Currently its the first option, gonna try just replacing the front lever and see how i go, hopefully it requires no messing around with bleeding etc.


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            Now is a good time to learn how to bleed.

            If it was on its side it's quite possible it may have gotten some air in it.

            It's not very hard especially with a single disc bike and will only cost you about $10 for some brake fluid.
            Every one has a story.....



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              Replacing the Brake Fluid on a Suzuki GS500

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                Originally posted by G2420hd View Post
                Currently its the first option, gonna try just replacing the front lever and see how i go, hopefully it requires no messing around with bleeding etc.
                .. If I was their and could see what was going on it should be easy enough to see what's wrong .. Theirs not Mutch that can go wrong with the brakes .. Buy that I mean theirs not many moving parts ..

                - only thing that springs to my mind is when u have Droped the bike upon hitting the ground the lever mite have pushed back into the master cylinder and caused some damage .

                I've just pulled the front master cylinder of my'06 Suzuki sv1000 and replaced it with a GSXR option . If it's the master that's stuffed let me know and u can have mine for $50 .
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                  Yeah thats what I was initially worried about, just didn't know how to articulate it hehe.

                  I just changed it over just now with a new brake lever, the master cylinder seems to be engaging better and when I took off the lever it looked pretty okay it was flat and doesn't look bent or cracked. Will let you know ifi am in the market for one cheers.


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                    Have you bled it yet ?
                    Every one has a story.....