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08 r1 track - need new front rotors

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  • 08 r1 track - need new front rotors

    Hello All,

    I am after some new front rotors for my 2008 R1 track bike that I am yet to ride. First outing will be TRAKDAYZ 2nd November. I do not get back to Australia until 28 October so I only have few days to fit and I need to order now.

    The bike is only to be used on the track and I have never had to buy rotors yet for my road 05 R1 or any other bike.

    Please let me know people's experience with what brands are available and I will search online and order ASAP.

    I have read the SV thread recently posted about ROTORS and I have seen both S3 performance discs and the metal gear ones. I am seriously considering the metal gear once so please let me know if you like these.

    S3 is quite cheaper then most brake discs so I am little worried about the quality.

    I am also going to Phillip Island, Broadford and Sydney raceway in December so I would like some good stopping power.

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    are the stock items damaged?

    fwiw, all levels of austrlaian racing require oem discs, so, normally (there are bikes that struggle) OEM is more than ok.
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      I've got a set of aftermarket ones never used. You couldn't use them if you intended to race, but would be fine if its just for general track use...
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        Cheers 96 and the bike was used in AFSX comp so I imagine they are OEM but with brembo pads.

        Thanks BlackFZR I will have a think about yours too.