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Indicator warning light issues

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  • Indicator warning light issues

    I have replaced the OEM speedo and idiot lights with a nice new shinny POSH mini speedo with the integrated LED lights for high beam, indicators etc. The bike is an old Yamaha SR250. The problem is, when i switch the indicators on, both work but only the right side sets the indicator LED light off on the speedo. When i switch to the left the light stays off. I have plugged the old speedo and lights back in and all is fine with that, both sides work. The big difference is that the old has a light (Left and right) that indicates the side on. The new one only has one light.

    Does anyone have a solution or have any of you been through the same? I have tried so many wires orders but no luck.

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    Sounds like your going to have to join the two original indicator light wire together. That way either side will flash the single LED.
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      That won't create a circuit between the two lights and turn it into hazards though, will it??
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        Yes, you are correct. Double flasher. It seems the old unit with the lights left and right, had earthed both. That is the main difference i can see.
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          Two diodes, anode goes to each indicator line and the cathodes connect together and go to the idiot light.

          Diodes available from Jaycar, Altronics etc.
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