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    Hey all,

    So I've had my 2008 R6 for almost a year now and since the beginning I've had a problem with rear wheel traction, mostly when changing from 2nd to 1st.
    I'm not even changing down hard or at high RPM (very very rarely change from 2nd to 1st above 8 or even 10k rpm) yet it spins the rear wheel so much when downshifting into first.
    The rear wheel is a Power Pure and it happens when it's hot & cold.

    I had one instance of this happening tonight when I was moving my bike undercover at work, slightly different scenario - was changing from 1st to 2nd at about 7-8k rpm but my shoe got caught on something and it didn't change, so when I let the clutch out normally thinking it was in 2nd it lost traction and fishtailed a bit.

    From my understanding the slipper clutch should stop this from happening, maybe not 100% of the time but most of the time?
    Has anyone else had this problem or is it just the bike?
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    Ive been riding a 08 r6 to work for the past 2 months and yer it does do that little wiggle into first. So must be normal?
    Bike: 08 R6 Class: Supersport


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      I don't think they've changed much but my 13 R6 doesn't seem to do that, even at high revs..? My old Suzuki did it so etching horrible but that had no slipper clutch and was expected


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        I think its you... Your expecting the bike to make up for your bad riding technique.

        The OEM slipper clutch works ok, but isn't a great slipper clutch. It will stop rear wheel chatter when downshifting with smaller rpm differences, but won't overcome someone who brakes and clutches in, then just drops the clutch, especially from 2nd to 1st. Actually try and blip the throttle a little during the downshift, and be more progressive when releasing the clutch, and it will work fine. You'll also find you won't burn through the clutches anywhere near as quickly.
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          Fair enough, it just seems strange that it's never happened on other bikes I've owned or ridden.
          I don't (or very rarely) brake when shifting from 2nd to 1st at high rpm because I know that it'll shift the weight to the front of the bike which would increase the chance of losing traction on downshift. I also blip the throttle out of habit from riding a 2 stroke.

          I don't believe I'm dropping the clutch, but will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks/months, cheers for the input
          Straight roads are for fast bikes - corners are for fast riders!


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            The slipper part of the clutch should may have jammed or failed? - might be worth having a look. I did some pretty horrible things to mine (I.e racing) and it always worked pretty well.

            That being said, the clutch is before the gears in the drivetrain, so in forst gear the engine braking would be significantly higher than in second. Meaning there will still be a very large amount of engine braking - whether or not it is enough to cause those issues? not sure, I dont think I ever really went from 2nd - 1st in anger on my bike.

            What condition are the tyres you have - are they old / hard?