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  • Vtr 250 Speedo

    Hey Guys,

    Just joined the site as i seen alot of talk about Vtr's. I have just bought one here in Dublin, Ireland but they are not a common bike over here.

    My bike is a 99 model so has no rev gauge, what is involved in fitting a rev gauge? I seen some nice units on ebay with two clocks (speedo & rev) with chrome surrounds.
    I dont need a rev gauge but i just like the look of two clocks like on the later models.

    Anybody here done this mod?

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    Make sure you save the PDF, it will make any work you need to do much easier.
    You'd be looking at a knockoff like Speedometer Tachometer FOR Honda VTR250 VTR 250 98 04 | eBay most of what is on your bike should (guessing) plug straight in.
    It depends on whether or not the wiring and sensors (what ever that is in this case) are in place on the bikes that came without the tachometer. If the wiring is all there then it's a simple job, if not then you'll need to figure out what is required to make it (use workshop manual).
    The other option is to get something like a trailtech vapor and set your instruments up from scratch, depends if you are going for a classic look or a more modern look I suppose.