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    Can someone please recommend a friendly, reliable and reasonably priced place where I can take my 2009 Bandit in for its next service which is 36k. Also need them to find that annoying buzzing noise which has been coming from the left hand side of the fairing, goes away when I apply some pressure to the top of the fairing just adjacent to the fuel tank. Tried to find it myself but no joy.

    Have it booked in at the dealer where I got it from but that's not for a fortnight or so; looking for somewhere else as I'm also getting a bit tired of their uncaring attitude and less than polite nature. Somewhere close to Willetton/Riverton/Rossmoyne would be ideal, thanks.

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    I've got a 2001, and I have a small crack in the fairing in that area that used to buzz at certain engine revs. A little dot of silicone put on the crack when bolting it back together fixed it, and I just have to use a thin blade to cut it each time it gets taken apart.

    The other buzzing noise that I had that took a lot more effort to find and fix was the left hand headlight lens mounting (inside the headlight itself). I think the headlight design changed between 2001 and 2009, but it might be worth looking to see if Suzuki has used a similar internal design. There are three or four small screws that hold a lens mounting plate into the sealed headlight body. This plate is the grounding piece for the light beam adjustment (left/right / up/down) screws. One of these screws worked loose over a few years and when it was really loose it made horrible buzzing noise that resonated through the entire fairing and windshield. You can only see and access these screws once the headlight unit is apart. It is possible to dismantle the sealed headlight unit to fix it back in place with some Loktite, but it is quite a mission and involves using a home oven to heat the entire headlight assembly so that a glue they use to make it a sealed unit melts. I only worked it after reading about the same problem on an overseas Suzuki Bandit forum.


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      Motopro in Carlisle, Luke knows his stuff when it comes to Suzuki's

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