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Weird swerving after removing tank

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  • Weird swerving after removing tank

    Sorry i deleted this guys I was going to write it up, didnt have the time.

    The Problem:
    so In the process of changing the spark plugs for the first time, I removed the tank among other components to get to the plugs (youtube and manual helped - I have a digital copy if you need)
    after changing the plugs the bike was swerving left and right by itself. I would go in a straight line and turn left say 20 degrees, the bike would then straighten up and continue leaning right slightly more then 20 degrees --> progressively getting worse and worse going down the road if I did not stop it.

    The Solution:
    I also have an ضhlins steering damper - Model SD020. Whilst removing the tank I did not have a socket large enough to take off the steering head lock nut so I had to move the tank around the ضhlins mount that sits under the lock nut - which is a pain.
    mount is the same one as here -
    I got a mate over and lifted up the front wheel and it had a tight spot when you turn fully left.

    Turns out, in the process of taking off my tank without undoing the steering head lock nut, it had bent the centre mounting bracket for the dampener making it press down on the triple clamp. Taking the damper mount off solved the problem - now I need a new mount..

    Hope this helps someone in future
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    Now the etiquette would be that after asking for help, you may then let us know the outcome...

    Someone later down the track may have the same issue and your knowledge could help them...


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      Yeah, editing your thread and removing the contents once the problem has been resolved kinda defeats the purpose of using an internet forum to share information :-\
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        Originally posted by Carbon14
        (feel free to delete thread now as it is a waste of server space ) - i thought this is worth wasting time that people will never get back who read it...
        I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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          I was on my phone and wanted to notify people that I had fixed the problem so I wouldn't waste anyone's time if they wrote up some big check list.
          I thought it may have been a spark plug issue but I had fully power and engine sounded normal - my whole write up before was coming from the wrong perspective on the issue, thinking it was an engine problem / imbalance.


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            It's one of those things where taking a short cut ends up not being shorter in the long run...

            Well you now know what the issue is and how to fix it, so you have learnt something and have another string in your bow regarding motorcycle maintenance...


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              What's your ride, [MENTION=33502]Carbon14[/MENTION] ?
              It didn't look that far on the map...


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                Ride is a 2008 Yamaha R6 but this problem could potentially happen to any bike with a similar set up.
                A mate had the half inch drive and I think 32mm socket that fits over it so I was able to take it off. those sockets are expensive, also given the number of times you would use it - not many.


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                  Originally posted by Carbon14 View Post
                  Ride is a 2008 Yamaha R6 but this problem could potentially happen to any bike with a similar set up.
                  A mate had the half inch drive and I think 32mm socket that fits over it so I was able to take it off. those sockets are expensive, also given the number of times you would use it - not many.
                  By a large socket set mate, yeah they are a bit exe but they are invaluable when doing stuff, even on a bike I bought a big Met/Imp set years back when I had my F100 as a lot of stuff was over 19mm/3/4" and use my larger sockets all the time when adjusting the chain as the std ring type spanners in the tool kit are a PITA :o Then there is the nut to remove the shock, again over 19mm Even a cheapish set will get you by most of the time rather than buying Sidchrome or Snap-on etc.
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                  Originally posted by Phildo
                  Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
                  Originally posted by filbert
                  i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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                    For $99 this Our Range | Bunnings Warehouse would have all the sockets you need as long as you only work on metric gear (which is likely). IMO you can't really go cheap on sockets, the cheap sets are pretty crap to work with, but picking up an individual cheapie socket if you need an odd size works well. I've had a 1/4 drive and 1/2drive set of sidchrome for 8+ years and I have never found myself without a socket that I need, so to me it was worth the outlay even if I rarely use anything above 24mm.
                    For the rest of your gear you can pick up a cheap set from bunnings or where ever, you'll find there are a few things that you use all the time and are worth getting good ones of or that break with use.

                    Like Para045, I use 19 22 and 24 get used all the time with taking wheels off and adjusting the chain, being able to get a 300mm bar on the socket makes it an easy job. I have a cheapy torque wrench too, so I don't have to worry about things not being tightened properly.


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                      Shite , Sidchrome sure has dropped in price lately...
                      Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.