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wanting to learn basic mechanics

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  • wanting to learn basic mechanics

    Hey just brought a new bike wanting to learn the basic mechanics to maintain in a good condition was woundering if there is anyone out there that is willing to show me a thing or two if they have some free time ill bring the beers

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    see this thread. :-)


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      some TAFE's do course for 6 weeks p/t $350 roughly on basic bike mechanics.... i know kwinana was running one


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        Most of the stuff you will be skilled enough to do have videos online / google etc.

        Most important things to know are:

        Chain Lubrication - you should lube every 2-3 tanks or when the chain looks 'dry'
        Chain Slack - you should have approximately 1 inch of freeplay up/down in the centre of the chain

        Everything else should be symptomatic...such as throttle slack, lever adjustment, rearset adjustment, wheel adjustment etc.
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          read the bikes owners manual first from front to back, it should cover all the maintenance you need to do, when to do it and gives a clear step by step description and pics how to do it, and its specific to your bike

          then you'll need some basic tools, supplies, if you search on that in psb it''l tell you what you will need for starters
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            Ahh cheers for tht i sussed some1 out to run us through every thing


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              what you do for a living mate

              do you have tools

              if you have some mechanical aptitude you can get away with some youtube tutorials

              if you have none it makes it a little harder as most people learn by making mistakes

              good luck on your new quest for knowledge