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Mobile tyre repair/replacement

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  • Mobile tyre repair/replacement

    Hi folks, I know this might be a dumb question but here goes.

    Front tyre has a screw in it, dammit. Noticed something was up when the bike wasn't cornering comfortably, so I suspect it's slowly leaking and it doesn't feel safe enough to ride somewhere.

    Anyone in town doing mobile replacements? Sadly I lack both the time and ability to pull the wheel off myself.

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    Don't take the screw out, pump it up and ride it to one of the bike shops, ring first.

    Tyres for bikes would be the first stop.

    If its in the meat of the tyre it should be able to be plugged, though they would mostly only plug rears

    You are very unlucky to get something in the front, BTW get out of the gutter and don't ride in the line of crap at intersections less chance of this sort of thing happening!


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      As per Stoneville's post, give it enough air to make it to a local bike shop. Take care on the way.

      I found most places didnt want to plug a front, asked for them to plug it so I could make it home, its holding fine 7000km later.


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        Not completely 100% sure, but I am pretty sure Derek Ball (highly recommended Mobile Mechanic) carries and fits tyres and will come to you...
        Search for his details. Good bloke!


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          I've used Derek before, top bloke. Didn't realise he did tyres as well! Might give him a call, I'm about to go away for 3 weeks but the mrs can let him into the garage in my absence.

          Thanks everyone for the advice


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            As I say, not 100% certain but I am pretty sure he does...
            Either way, if you call and find out, be sure to post back here to let us know.



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              Otherwise depending on where you are SOR I've seen it mentioned here on PSB and was looking at their website earlier this evening that Grumma Racing in Kenwick stock tyres.


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                Put air in it, ride carefully to tyre shop.

                If the screw/nail is still in it you probably won't lose any more than 10 psi a day at most.

                I rode around for a week with a nail in the back of the CBR before, just put air in every couple of days

                If you're riding carefully you'll notice the change in feel before it gets too flat.
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