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    So umm, I might be the first bloke to snap his Daytona's clutch cable. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.. :mellow:

    Went to JCS and they don't have any in stock, in fact they have never ordered one in before. They suggested bringing in the cable to compare the length to another model and see if they are similar.

    Would this be a good substitute? I.e using a similar bikes clutch cable instead of a Daytona one?

    I would of thought that there would only be an inch or so of adjustment? So having a longer cable or a shorter one will lead to issues? Or have I got the concept wrong?

    Is it better me asking JCS to order in a brand new one from Triumph? Are third party cables trustworthy? I might have to call a few wreckers and see if anyone's breaking up a Daytona 675 06-09.

    EDIT: Just found this: 2009 Triumph Daytona 675 Parts, 2009 Triumph Daytona 675 OEM Parts - Only $40 for the cable. Anyone used BikeBandit before? Any good?
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    What about Lloyd Chapman? Or isn't there a new Trumpy shop down towards Bunbury?

    I signed up with Bikebandit when I was looking to replace some headlights. The prices seemed pretty good, and it was the only place I could find that did individual lenses, rather than the whole setup, but never actually ordered anything from them.
    I ended up blocking them from my email as you would get 4+ emails a day from them with different promos etc.
    Would be interesting how you find the service etc if you do get it from them.
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      Couple of bike shops make them or Flexi drive agencies, Thunderbike Motorcycles and pretty much any vintage or we put ape hanger bars on HD type shops should be able to sort it. Generally an aftermarket cable will be just as good and usually a fraction of the price.
      Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.