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  • R1 oil level

    Hi guys,

    So I've done a service on the bike, topped the oil to half way up the sight glass, run it up to fill the filter, let it settle for 10 mins then topped it to half way up the glass then run it up to operating temp, while running I noticed after a while the oil was raising level in the glass to about 3 mm up, once the engine has cooled the oil level is now about 3-5mm from the top of the glass.
    The oil isn't milky or discoloured and the coolant level is the same as before, so I'm ruling out a coolant leak.
    I was wondering if it could possibly be over fueling? I've put on a y-pipe and I'm running a pc3 but still running the stock map
    Could anyone shed some light on if I'm on the right track or if it's just normal?

    Cheers in advance

    Btw it still seems to run sweet

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    Can't comment on the particular model, but the way the oil sits in the motor changes as the oil goes through heat cycles. If it is within the upper and lower limits go for a couple of rides and see how it changes.
    I used to have problems with over filling my last bike, I'd fill it with oil to where I wanted, follow all the procedures for warming it up to check etc., then when I got back from a good long ride it would be overfilled.


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      sounds normal to me
      jus did an oil/filter change on the thou this morn too.... noticed that when running the oil level in sight glass went real low (pumped where it's needed) for mine ya stand it upright and check level with motor stopped
      faster ya go closer to nirvana


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        Cheers guys, I could just be being paranoid, it never used to happen with the previous engine that's all, I'll give it a good run and see if it makes any more level