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GSX1400 - Idle speed screw problem

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  • GSX1400 - Idle speed screw problem

    Hi guys,

    I adjusted my idle speed on the bike (2002 GSX1400) yesterday and was an idiot because I completely unscrewed it. I now have the tank off and am looking around with a telescopic mirror but I can't see where the cable is meant to screw into...

    If anyone could describe what I'm looking for or has a picture of the assembly that they can send me that'd be really helpful. Pictures of my problem are attached

    Thanks in advance

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    Don't even think about it. You know who you are.


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      In the top picture you can see a nut in the background behind the idle adjuster,it heads toward that then the cable turns 90 degrees towards the engine and slightly upwards, there should be a mount there. Mine is an '08 so it may be slightly different.