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Review of the SENA SMH 10R

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  • Review of the SENA SMH 10R

    I recently purchased the SENA SMH 10R from a local supplier POV Helmet Cameras, Accessories & Products Online | Adventure Cams HQ and here is a review.

    Sales and service: I chose to ring them direct (1300 115 007) and the phone service was excellent. They were able to confirm the best product for me and and i was able to easily buy by credit card over the phone.

    Delivery: 2 days considering i ordered at 2pm and it was at my door at 2pm 2 days later was just perfect for me.

    Installation: I have a KBC helmet and the liner is removable so installation was simple. It also allows for removal and transfering to another helmet, you willl have to buy an additional velcro kit which costs about $9 so its worth getting at the same time as the bluetooth device.

    Setup: I use an iPhone and setting it to an iPhone is very simple. SIRI is easily used for any function that SIRI does normally on the phone. The microphone is capable of being connected the wrong way around, but it doesn't work, and changing it is very simple.

    Pairing: To a mobile phone is simple and didn't reauire a password in my case, connecting to other bluetooth devices (SENA headsets) is very simple and the sound quality under 100kph is fine. Above this speed it can be too noisy to hear properly but this is more a function of the helmet than to SENA SMH10R. Connectivity is listed as 900metres and i have tested it to about 400 to be fine. Obviously 900 metres is probably under ideal conditions. but i found it to be excellent.

    Operation: Using the device when riding is simple once you get used to the buttons and their operation. It took a few goes the fist time to make a call whilst riding but i soon got the hang of it.

    Appearance: I think it looks great and it also fits in with the Less than 15mm rule that some authorities have imposed on helmet attachments. ( Victorian Police) No sure about WA.

    Feel free to mention you heard about it here.

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