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  • New to the world of bike maintanence

    Hi All,

    So i just got my bike a week ago and already i am starting to prepare for my first service ^^. Just a bit of backround info.

    It's a Honda cbr250r 2011 with 350km on the clock.

    Now the previous owner lost the owners manual (asking his mum to look for it since i know her) and i was just going to print one off but i also asked him if he has done any servicing on it before.

    I was searching on the net for what people think the service schedule should be and i got such a range from... at 50km change the oil to change it at 1000km and also get the valve clearance done.

    Also i read that you should only use non synthetic oil for the first 4 oil changes or so due to running in etc etc.

    My main thing up until the last week has been cars so i am a bit new to the whole motorcycle servicing but just like cars i am eager to learn. If anyone could help me out to clear the air it would be greatly appreciated.

    Speaking of air... i have checked the air filter and noticed there was really only a bit of dog hair on the outside of it but the previous owner said he did go on some real dusty roads. Are these able to be cleaned or is it better to just replace it later on . I did the light test and you can still see through easy as.

    Thanks in advance guys and girls.

    P.S if this is in the wrong section mods can you please move.


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    Owner's manual:

    How to do an oil change: DIY Oil Change - Honda CBR250R Forum : Honda CBR 250 Forums

    Service manual:


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      If your bike hasnt had the 1000km valve clearances done you'll have to get it done (not a job for the inexperienced, and anywhere from $180-280 depending on labour charges.)

      Lucky i'd written a guide years ago (yet ham fisted muppets still keep stripping the filter housing)

      Rocket Science-

      Buy Genuine Honda Kit ~ $40 from your friendly Honda dealer,
      has the correct 10w30 oil, filter and all the gaskets.

      Warm engine to operating temp, so go for a long blast.
      Break out that foreign and rarely used object called 'Owners manual ' Page 55.

      Remove rhs Fairing & rhs undercowl using 5mm allen key and phillips screwdriver. Page 50/51

      Place drain pan under drain bolt,
      Remove oil fill cap, drain bolt & sealing washer to drain the oil.
      Remove the oil filter cover,spring, oil filter, & gasket.using 8mm socket on the 4 filter cover bolts.

      Install new oil filter with 'Outside' facing out.
      Install spring into filter cover, then install the new gasket & filter cover & 4 bolts carefully.
      Push inwards and line it all up then tighten the cover bolts using 8mm socket on screw handle.
      DO NOT use torque wrench like the manual says or you will strip the bolts,
      12Nm is too much, (possible misprint in the manual)

      Replace sealing washer and oil drain bolt, torque to 24Nm.
      Put 1.5l 10w-30 oil in filler with small clean funnel then replace filler cap.
      Start engine for one minute.
      stop engine & wait 2-3 mins then re-check oil with bike level.
      Check for leaks.
      Reinstall fairing & undercowl.


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        the chain often gets neglected too (quite important to have in good order)... check for tension and lubed
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          Hey guys,
          I clean and lube my chain every fortnight , how does one test the torsion of the chain ? mine is fairly slack .....


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            Originally posted by SITH View Post
            Hey guys,
            I clean and lube my chain every fortnight , how does one test the torsion of the chain ? mine is fairly slack .....
            read the manual for specs....

            bike on sidestand, lift chain where it hangs in the middle between the sprockets and measure from top to bottom of lift, usually somewhere around 30mm

            if your chain runs out of adjustment or you wonder if it's worn out you can pull at it on the rearmost point of the rear sprocket, if it pulls away from the teeth then the gap between the rollers has changed from wear and it's time to get a new chain and sprockets.
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              Thanks Filbert , I have just youtubed how to adjust the chain and will get onto it tonight when it cools down a touch in the workshop .
              I will also get onto downloading a workshop manual for the GSXR


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                chain done, tok about 20mm of slack out .... and checked like you suggested Filbert and no real movement !!
                Downloaded the GSXR 750 Manual and set it accoringly

                once again thanks guys