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Grinfactor kevlar jeans review

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  • Grinfactor kevlar jeans review

    This is my first pair of kevlar jeans, and my other pants are dririder, just to give a bit of background to my opinion/reference point.

    First up, I had never heard of grinfactor before however I was aware of draggins, and rhok jeans etc, and like most people I had seen YouTube reviews, seen angle grinders been taken to bits of hanging kevlar. But when I started doing my research on my new Christmas present, I came across their website and found the Aussie distributers review.

    If your interested in them watch the video as this was the first time I had seen someone other than draggin make a demonstration of their product whilst wearing them.

    The model I got as my present are the "paranoid" version which is fully lined with 220 kevlar barring the last 4 inches of the leg. There is also a second layer of 180 kevlar over the important areas and pockets for hip and knee protection.

    The pockets for the knee protection can be a bit fiddly as they are a removable pocket on the inside of the jean but you can position it where it is comfy.

    In terms of comfort I would say they are pretty decent and I find much nicer than wearing a pair of over pants on the commute to work.

    They are pretty heavy but nothing a belt doesn't fix.

    Overall I am very pleased, the build quality looks good, and feels well put together.

    If I was to rate them, I'd say 4.5/5.

    After asking about the service they provided, apparently the arranged express post from Melbourne to perth, just to make sure that they were here on time.

    If im honest, at the price, service and quality of the product I can see myself buying their kevlar hoodie as an extra soon.

    TL;DR they're good
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    Thanks for the great review.. I have also never heard of them but going to have to check them out because I will be soon looking for a second pair of kevlars..


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      They look good - do you have any sizing info for the jeans? Their website only has sizing info for their tshirts which doesn't help.
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        Originally posted by ge0ff View Post
        They look good - do you have any sizing info for the jeans? Their website only has sizing info for their tshirts which doesn't help.
        I just spotted this, so I gave him a call to ask,

        He said to keep an eye out on the site over the next week or so as he'll be getting the information added.

        He's been done the Troy Bayliss Classic and didn't get chance to add the information before having to leave.