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2005 r6 tail tidy

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  • 2005 r6 tail tidy

    Hi everyone
    I am wanting to buy a tail tidy for my 2005 r6, cant wait to take the stock off hahaha...

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommended places to buy that are good for price and quality. (Or even if anybody on here has one they want to get rid of?)
    I will need it with number plate light, and want to replace the stock indicators with LED while im at it. Ill probably need to get resistors or something too i guess, or is that just for cheap ones?
    (after looking around it looks like im going to have to chop and join wires instead of just plug n play hmmm)

    Just thought id ask to hear from peoples experiences first before i buy one i hate or something haha..

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    mmm I think you are gonna be in for a name change, one simply cannot have one the same as the Grand Master / God of PSB !!!!

    And no I won't recommend one as I personally reckon they look like SHIT!!!