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Tyre warmers - Uneven heating

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  • Tyre warmers - Uneven heating

    Hi Lads,

    I just bought a new set of tyre warmers from Sumomoto to get an extra few good laps in per session on track days. The rear seems fine, but the front leaves a section approx. a hand width wide across the tyre where the warmer connects. It still heats up, but the heat either side and the rest of the way around the tyre is significantly hotter than this section.

    Will the heat spread to this section after say a lap in?

    I ride in intermediate/fast (blue) group. Not really keen on coming unstuck because of it


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    Could you rotate the warmer halfway through heating?


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      I thought that. Maybe I'll try at home. Mark the section that's cool and see if it all gets to the same temp
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        It will be fine, even if you did come unstuck for that 10cm, the tyre would re-grip quickly enough within 0.1sec of it starting the slide, I doubt you would even notice it! that part of the tyre will still be a heap better than going out cold as well, so I dont think it would be a problem at all.


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          if it bothers you, maybe you could modify the warmer?

          i am guessing the unheated bit is due to the element spacing. at some point the element spacing should match the rates of heat loss through the insulation and the rate heat soaks through the tyres rubber if that makes sense. if the element spacing is uneven or too wide apart then if you spaced the element off the tyre with a small length of ally flat plate it might help spread the heat more evenly.

          alternatively if the element spacing looks even, then maybe there is a problem with the insulation.
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            Ensuring the tyre warmer has the join at a low point helps keep the heat in for starters. The heat will migrate around a bit and after the first session the rim retains a lot of heat also so it shouldn't be an issue at all after the first 2 laps of the first session, if at all.
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              Nice one guys. I might even try several layers of al foil folded over each other to warm it for the first session. This should help dissipate the heat around that area.

              The general consensus is that it shouldn't really matter though so I'll give it a bash

              Cheers for the input
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                What do you think of the Sumomoto? I still haven't ordered mine, so happy to hear guinea pig opinion

                PS get tarded!!
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                  Yeah no hassle. I ordered them when I was away. Shipping took about 2 weeks to arrive. Only issue seems to be that front warmer but could be a 1 off
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