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    Where's good and still cheap?

    I saw a place at the E-shed markets some time ago - does anyone know if they're good?


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    gday Mage
    yeh ive seen the E shed guys work, its pretty trick, ive not seen anyone else's work but from what ive seen E shed is very good and priced well :!:
    they do a air brush course there, i wouldnt mind doing it to see if its a hidden talent of mine
    let us know if ya find anyone else in perth doing it :?:
    :idea: maybe go into a tattoo shop and ask them :?:


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      Thanks Gonz1 8)

      I'll let you know what I find.
      Reality is the only obstacle to happiness


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        Tex had his done.

        its called awesome air brishing and their web site is here:

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          Jarrid at awesome air did mine about 5 mnths ago. the finish on the helmet is fantasic and the job that he did was also fantastic , he will custom design exactly what you want and he has some great ideas on things that you may not be sure of. I'll take some pics of my helmet and post them tonight when i get home(if i have time), also Jarrid won't paint another helmet the same as yours, so you know it's an original !


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            Great Tex! Looking forward to seeing them

            I emailed them for some info - how much was it? (approx)

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            Reality is the only obstacle to happiness


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              Got an email back from Jarrod.

              Price depends on design, but averages from $300 - $500 and it takes 2-3 weeks to complete a job - so you'd better have a spare helmet if you wanna still ride.

              He says the best thing to do is drop in to the E-shed Markets on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays for a look.


              Reality is the only obstacle to happiness


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                mage , Jarrid is pretty good value , and 2-3 weeks is pretty good , i went to send mine to Syd to get painted and it was an 8 week turn around ! fuck that for a joke !
                sorry i havn't been able to post any pics of my helmet , but i'm currently over in India with work ! be back on the 21st and i'll be happy to show you the helmet in person when i get back , also causeway honda have a couple of his helmets in the shop on display !


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                  if you have time for a mini squiz during the week and can't get to the markets this weekend, there are 2 demo helmets in the accessories section at Causeway Honda - whilst i've not had mine done yet, the guy is an absolute artist - it's brilliant
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                    I met the guy personally through his cousin when he first arrived in Perth to set up business.

                    The guy is a genius with an airbrush. Well worth the money.

                    I have his business cards if needed.


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                      check this out. i wouldn't wear one (dont look super safe to me) but they look pretty trick. and i'm sure, that wearing the right set of leathers, you could freak some "the truth is out there" people out a lot
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                        wouldnt wear one miself but there pretty freaky for the right person, maybe it should be the helmet our shoes winner has to wear while they rane as the clown shoes winner :idea:


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                          i think you would get more protection from a pushbike helmet. lol
                          but they certainly would turn heads....
                          wonder what the visibility is like...
                          No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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                            I want a lid with some freaky ass hentai tentacle monster and some little schoolie girls :twisted: