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Powder Coating frame/swingarm?

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  • Powder Coating frame/swingarm?

    Anyone done any form of this?

    I'm prob going to lose my license for 3 months so In order to stop myself riding in that time and obviously risking more time off I might strip my baby back to the frame and get the whole thing powder coated black...

    Anyone done PC before? Who did you use? Good/Bad points?
    What to watch out for? I'm going to google a bit as well but first hand local experience is worth much more!
    Will you insure me?!

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    Frag I think the place is called ultra chrome in Osborne Park.

    The guys work is the shit. You should see a gixxer ke that i know a guy owns. Had a heap of chrome done on it, guaranteed not to tarnish.

    Or try Vtech Refinishing.

    Give us a call if you need.

    9361 6677 or 0418 9273 00


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      Sweet thanks.
      If its not too expensive I will def get it done, if i have the 3 months off riding it will def keep me out of trouble. Just have to find the time to strip the bitch all the way back.
      Will you insure me?!