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MAGURA HYMEC - anyone tried'em?

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  • MAGURA HYMEC - anyone tried'em?

    I much prefer the feel of a hydraulic clutch.

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    You’d probably be better off getting a Brembo or Nissin which is a known quantity and quality along with the available spares that are on the market.

    Not sure why you would want a hydraulic Clutch though. Harder physically to operate, added maintenance of fluids, reservoirs, fittings and lines. Fluid suffers heat degradation and then becomes useless and the fluid acts like a damper between the clutch and finger tips reducing feedback. All things which I negated by having a cable, which acts much like a string between two cans to directly transmit feedback to your fingertips.
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      I like them.

      Never heard of clutch fade.
      Self adjusting.
      Definitely easier to operate.
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        Originally posted by raybies View Post
        I much prefer the feel of a hydraulic clutch.

        Magura have been making quality kit for 45 years that I know of. I doubt you can go wrong with their products