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ZZR not starting

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  • ZZR not starting

    Afternoon kids,

    I was talking to the guy who bought my ZZR 250 today, and he was saying that he cant get it to start.

    All he reckons he did was degrease it... now what he means by that i will find out on sunday/tuesday when i go have a look. After that he said he took it for a ride and it started sputtering after a bit and now wont start at all.

    Any ideas? My initial guess would have been that he got shit in the spark plugs or something but im just an uneducated fool. :oops:

    Cheers guys

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    Sound's like the electrics have got wet... sumfink along thos lines... I'd check the plugs - make sure it's not flooded and shorting...

    My 2c
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      cheers flakey.

      i guess somebodies gonna have to strip the fairings... oh JOOOY!
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        you only need to remove the tank to check zzr spark plugs and air box...

        I would guess that it's got some water/dampness in the electrics and or the carbs/air filter...

        you shouldn't have to remove the spark plugs but if you do give them a clean and re gap them (or replace them it'll cost about $8 for both)

        Plug gap is 0.6 - 0.7 mm

        TOP TIP NO 1000001 - before washing,degreasing or any other high pressure hosing activities, warm the bike up and if possible keep it running...


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          Cheers Gordo!

          Im gonna try gettin over to have a look later today. Hopefully it all makes sence.
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            May I suggest...

            One day when you have a few hours spare (yeah right!)... go to your local automotive retailer and get a whole heap of dielectric grease.

            Take your bike apart (fairings etc) and find all of your electrical connectors and plugs that "snap" together. Pull those connectors off/apart and fill the connector housings with the dielectric grease.

            This will not only keep the water out, but moisture and prevent corrosion. This will also prevent any arcing that may result from poor connections.

            If anyone has any questions regarding this, let me know!
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              ridin home in da wet on my old gpx everything got pretty wet and the rhs plug wasnt firing, and the left plug would only fire every 5 or 6 times. I wasnt going anywhere in a hurry.

              I had just checked the plug and gaps the week b4 and i hadnt put the cap back overthem properly so they shorted out. When i got home (trailer) the plugs were totally fouled and dead.

              New plugs and that stuff klink was talking about ment it never ahppened again, even when in really heavy rain (i got no other transport) so i ride in rain.

              Another thing which may be causing problems is the inhibitor switch on the side stand, and the one in the clutch. Particulariy the side stand, as it colects shit from the chain and road.

              If theres water in the carbs you can drain them with a small allen key without taking the tank off, just put a bit of pipe over the outlet nozle and open the drain.

              good luck finding the problem



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                I cant concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Damn your Avatar Klink!!! :oops:

                haha i gotta say im impressed.

                And thanks again guys for more tips.

                Ill let you all know how it goes.

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