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New (2nd hand) bike - who to go to to check it out?

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  • New (2nd hand) bike - who to go to to check it out?

    I'm been given the green light from the boss (wife) to get myself another motorcycle after 8 years without. I want to buy a bike privately, and then take it to someone to fully service and check it out. I work near Welshpool. Can anyone recommend a place close by that does good work for a reasonable price? Even something further out is fine if they are good and trustworthy.


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    Hey Vegie,

    I took my zzr to Motorcycles Plus on kewdale rd in Kewdale after i pulled the greatest stunt in the world... the power fairing slide through lights. :oops: :oops:

    The mechanic there was more then helpful and threw in a lot of little extras for the same price he qouted. Had the bike running better then it was before i dropped it and only cost me $350 (clutch need redoin, wheel bearings, plus more crap and new stands etc.)

    They also do checkups on bikes if you bring them in (ussually best idea to organise with the previous owner before you hand over cash) from memory costs around $100 but dont take my word for it, give em a call.

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      As Markus can vouch, (his new bike is already booked in) Causeway Honda proudly will conduct a 'free safety check' on your motorcycle.

      Give Kamahl a call on 9361 6677 when you mke your decision of purchase.

      Give Tim a call also as he can steer you in the right direction on what price to pay for what ever bike you are looking at purchasing.

      Any help required with clothing and accessories please feel free to myself a call for friendly and HONEST advise on what type of gear is available.

      I'm the Accessory Manger at Causeway Honda aka Superbike Accessories.

      We have the largest selection of accessories and clothing in Perth.

      Ask for Chook for your personalised PE customer service.


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        yup Ill vouch for that... Ill see ya in the morning Chook! 8)
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          For preliminary inspection a must read!
          Will you insure me?!


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            Thanks for the free inspection Chook.
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