Having not adjusted my clutch cable in yonks my clutch started to feel spongy, clutch point was getting ever closer to the full extension of lever etc. So I dug out my mechanical ref manual and adjusted the clutch as per instructions..

Poblem solved and clutch felt new again.. BUT I do have a couple of questions for the more mechanically minded then my pleb self

After popping off the rubber clutch screw cover I found that the whole screw/bolt was quite loose even when tightened, probably about 1.5-2mm travel (moving up/down/sides) maybe a little less. Now I am wondering whether there should be any movement in that bolt? Is it possibly signs of other wear or servicing needed?

Also when tightening the nut i didn't get to a point where i could not longer tighten without applying significant force (just kept turning with medium resistance). I didn't want to "force" anything as I remember reading Campo's unlucky clutch story so just wanted to know what kind of resistance I should be aiming for... Or is it just meant to “slip” that way?

Anyway thanks for any input