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headlight and oggies query for an rgv250

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  • headlight and oggies query for an rgv250

    hi all,

    i've got a couple of questions i hope someone out there can help me with.

    first up, does anybody know if oggies are available for a 7/98 manufactured rgv250? how much they are, and whether they're ok for my bike (have heard oggies don't go well on some bikes)?

    the second one is i'm wondering if the factory stock wiring and alternator (and a friends '02-ish gpx250 wiring/alternator) are up to the job of handling one of those 100/55w upgrade headlight bulbs? sure would hate to melt wiring or flatten the battery while on a ride :oops:

    btw, i'll do my best to reply to ppl, but werk are sending me away for a couple of weeks & i'm not sure what net availability i'll have. no riding for 2 weeks :cry:

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    peeb: i upgraded my headlight rgv globe to a narla (think thats the brand...starts with 'n' anyway) globe which gaurantee's 75% brighter than standard. Was DEFINETLY an improvement at nighttime to say the least. 2 globes were $26 from marlows at the time (now super cheap)


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      Hey, thanks for the info stinker - will be getting one as soon as i can - lots of light at night is always good!

      Work finally let me come back from o/seas - totally missed the bike & the sun :cry: